A 3 year old girl wakes up at her funeral, in her coffin!

A 3 year old girl wakes up at her funeral, in her coffin!

A 3 year old girl wakes up at her funeral, in her coffin!

Have you ever had a nightmare where you were buried alive? Well, that fear has come true for this family in Mexico. After severe medical malpractice, the grieving family saw steam on their little girl’s coffin.

A little girl returned from the dead! We tell you all about this terrible story, reported by the newspaper El Universal. In Mexico, 3-year-old Camila Martinez resumed breathing during her funeral.

coffin girl

And this, while the doctors had declared her dead in a hospital in San Luis Potosí. We tell you this terrible true story.

A little girl goes to the emergency room

On August 17, 2022, a Mexican girl, accompanied by her mother, decides to go to the pediatrician for a stomach ache. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the doctor referred the family to the hospital. The doctor referred the family to the hospital so that Camila Martinez could receive adequate treatment for severe dehydration.

They gave her 30 drops of paracetamol and told me my daughter was fine, I could take her home, the mother told a local newspaper. However, the nightmare did not end there. In fact, the situation has only just begun.

The health of the young Mexican, in fact, continued to deteriorate when she returned home. Another doctor performed tests on the girl, but unfortunately all efforts were in vain. The girl’s situation continued to deteriorate.

He had to go to the ER again. As for the doctors who assisted the girl in the hospital, her mother said they wanted to give her a drip and it took a long time to give her oxygen, they couldn’t do it because they couldn’t find her veins.

The misty coffin

After a few hours in the hospital, after medical efforts failed, Camila Martinez was pronounced dead. Her body was later returned to the family home. A wake was then organized. The surprise that followed could not go unnoticed. The little girl’s coffin seemed to be covered in mist.

the girl wakes up the coffin

It was as if someone was breathing inside. They could even see the movements under the girl’s eyelids. However, most of the guests considered these hallucinations to be caused by the sudden loss of the baby. However, the reality was quite different. The girl was still alive and a nurse sent to the scene could see that she was breathing.

However, Camila Martinez died a second time on her way to the hospital. While her first death certificate states that she died of dehydration, her second states that she suffered from brain edema.

As Closer revealed, the girl’s family has started an investigation for alleged medical malpractice. For the grieving mother: what I really want is justice.

A 3 year old girl wakes up at her funeral, in her coffin!

I only ask that doctors, nurses and managers make changes so that this does not happen again.

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