A black list within the rectorate

A black list within the rectorate

A black list within the rectorate

The Guyana workers union says that within the rectorate there is a black list of contract teachers who have not been able to obtain the assignment to the available places. An email from an inspector mentioning it constitutes irrefutable proof for the union.

“Hi, sir … it’s not blacklisted. Are you currently part of the contract worker pool? If so, I will tell him that the seats are filled and that we will contact him again if necessary. “

Here is the inspector’s email physical education and sport (EPS) received by mistake by a Guyanese youth, the Guyanese Workers’ Union (UTG) revealed Wednesday morning during a press conference at the Ronjon Dam in Cayenne. The name mentioned by the inspector, hidden by the will of the young man, is his own.
The graduate of a master 2 in sociology and sports management he was contract teacher in 2020-2021 at the Elie-Castor high school in Kourou. His mentoring relationship is favorable: “Attendance and attitude in class are as expected. The class is well taken care of. Security assured. The teacher responds positively to the requirements“, writes the tutor who works in the other high school in Kourou. The following year he does not get an assignment. He focuses on studies and competitions to pass.

For this new school year he sends spontaneous applications. A private facility under contract with Saint-Laurent du Maroni responded favorably. A contract is signed according to the teacher but must be validated by the EPS inspector. Things drag on and the July 28 the director of the plant in the capital of the West sends him an email writing to him that the rectorate expresses an unfavorable opinion. “ You should try your luck in another academy “, Advises the Saint-Laurentaise.
For its part, the Cayenne is trying to find out the reasons for this unfavorable opinion. The rectorate replies that the‘inspector the origin of this note went to retirement.

Then try your luck again with the new inspector. He knows his predecessor. He then sends him the e-mail that arrives due to a manipulation error in the candidate’s inbox, the 2 September. This is the email quoted by UTG.
This inspector, who has not yet arrived in Guyana, knows of the existence of a blacklist in the area. This calls into question the practices within the rectorate. The existence of such a list is illegal. It breaks the equal treatment of civil servants. It is all the more scandalous that the colleague has been well noticed, that he has all the required diplomas. There is discrimination against Guyanese candidates. How come ? We know nothing. We have no solid evidence on which to base a hypothesis “, he entrusts Bruno Niederkorn, Deputy Secretary of the UTG Civil Service Branch.

An inquiry required and the threat of stronger mobilization

The latter, when he learned of the e-mail, asked to meet the rector and its general secretary. An appointment accepted. At the end of this, the chief of staff assured the union that the the discriminated young person would have a job.A week has passed and we have not heard anything. We ask for a new appointment. If the problem is not solved, we will level up with the mobilizations around the rectorate “Warns the trade unionist.
He calls for the suspension of the EPS inspector and an investigation by the inspectorate general to shed light on this blacklist. ” In general, we call for an investigation into the conditions of employment of contract workers. We know that the CDI assignments have been a problem and that an ad hoc pool is currently working on them. The rector assured us that there would be kindness and good treatment towards our colleagues. recalls Bruno Niederkorn.

We asked the rectorate for a reaction to the elements provided by the UTG. We haven’t received any press releases yet. At the beginning of the week, about a hundred posts were not filled in the rectorate.

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