A deal reached for Malinovskyi?  The latest information!

A deal reached for Malinovskyi? The latest information!

A deal reached for Malinovskyi?  The latest information!

According to information from RMC Sport, OM has reached an agreement with Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskyi, but Atalanta Bergamo is asking for a large transfer fee to free their player.

A few hours after the end of the transfer window, the OM is busy recruiting the Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskyi. If the operation was complicated with the possibility of including Cengiz Ünder in the operation, it is even more so now that the Turkish winger has reiterated his willingness to remain in the club. Despite the complexity of the practice, Ruslan Malinovskyi would be motivated by the idea of ​​joining OM and, according to information from RMC Sport, would have even agreed with the Marseille representatives on the duration of the contract and on the salary he received in Marseille.

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Atalanta too greedy for Malinovskyi

If the player has already agreed with the OM, his club is tough in business. Atalanta Bergamo, in fact, claim a transfer fee that the OM considers too high for a 29-year-old player. If the exact figure requested by the Italian club is not filtered, the Olympic management has no intention of spending too much to recruit the Ukrainian midfielder. Malinovskyi, who is only a year away from his contract, is now awaiting the progress of the negotiations to find out what his future will be like.

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Malinovskyi, the old-fashioned number 10

Ruslan Malinovskyi was a rather thin director in Ukraine. He wasn’t good enough to get into Shakhtar Donetsk’s first team. There were a lot of Brazilians in the club at the time and he was one of their players who were loaned out every year. He will play at FC Zorya Luhansk, considered a satellite of Shakhtar. This team became the third best in Ukraine because the level collapsed and there was no longer too much competition. With Zorya Luhansk, Malinovskyi often plays in the European Cup and starts to get noticed in this position number 10. He is really an old-fashioned playmaker who gives balls to forwards and who knows how to score on free kicks. He has put in one or two good free kicks against Belgian teams. There was a link between Belgium and Ukraine. Many second-tier players such as Malinovskyi, who was owned by Shakhtar at the time, left for Belgium. At that time, he made an excellent decision by leaving the Ukrainian league. He joined Genk for three and a half seasons. in that moment he will become much more powerful, he will strengthen his game, he tended to be too light in duels when he played in Ukraine. He managed to cancel him to become a very strong player physically. He will establish himself as the undisputed owner of the national team. It was then that Shevchenko became the coach of the national team. In the selection, he will really bring something different. In midfield he forms a very complementary trio with Zinchenko and Stepanenko. Malinovskyi will have this role of attacking midfielder. Shevchenko wanted at that moment to play with two number 10s, namely Zinchenko and Malinovskyi. What characterizes him are also his great shots entering the penalty area. He scores several important goals for Ukraine in this way. Shevchenko will allow him to develop this powerful side of his game: he is probably one of the players in Europe who has the biggest shot on the ball. On set pieces he is a player who knows how to give excellent balls. He quickly becomes the best midfielder in Belgium and is immediately identified by Atalanta Bergamo who recruits him in 2019. After a season of adaptation, he becomes a key element of the Atalanta system. He becomes a very important player. Since his cruciate ligament rupture in 2016, he has returned tremendously well. Today he is rarely absent and has excellent statistics. With Atalanta there are 129, 29 goals and 29 assists. One match out of two is decisive. Mourad Aerts – Source: Marseille Football Club (08/19/2022)

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