A late summer trend that all fashion fans crave!

A late summer trend that all fashion fans crave!

A late summer trend that all fashion fans crave!

Coming from the hippy lifestyle, bohemian dresses have the advantage of being ideal for all silhouettes. There is something for all tastes and for all colors.

Do you want to affirm your femininity, without falling into vulgarity? Know that the equestrian culture offers you unique models of bohemian clothing. A trendy piece that is both fluid and comfortable. Follow these few lines to find out more.

Some specific details on bohemian dresses

Otherwise called “boho”, bohemian dresses have their origins in the 1960s. At that time, people focused only on how to dress them. make you happy. They are the hallmark of a more relaxed vision of the world, adopted by the young people of the past. Freedom in the use of fabrics is the perfect proof of this.

Currently, bohemian dresses have nothing to envy to other types of dresses. Thanks to the materials used, they are associated with respect for nature and the environment. In fact, people prefer to go “do it yourself” and create their own outfits, rather than buying at relatively high prices in large stores. At the same time, it reduces the spoil many families in certain aspects of daily life.

Even the big brands of the high fashion world such as Zara or Antik Batik adhere to the challenges of Environmental Protection. Linen, cotton or silk are among the natural fabrics mainly used for this type of dress.

Another peculiarity of bohemian dresses also lies in their ability to lighten the complexion of the wearer. It’s all a matter of good taste and the ability to choose the right model based on your skin type and color. However, brown or beige are the predominant colors in this universe.

How to wear it?

The main characteristics of bohemian dresses are their fullness and the comfort they offer. So you can use all of your own imagination to complete your outfit. The original style is to wear a headband, sunglasses or costume jewelry as accessories. But it is also possible to renew and bring a personal touch according to your choice.

Exists four cups different types of bohemian dresses, namely the trapeze, the asymmetrical, the empire and the wallet. The trapeze and the empire cut are ideal if you want to refine the waistline and hide the curves. The enveloping cut is more suitable for those with a morphology of 8 and the asymmetrical, as for them, fits in all circumstances.

Bohemian dresses have no specificity regarding appropriate shoes. Wooden clogs and flat sandals are the standard models of the sixties. But some don’t hesitate to wear leather boots, cowboy boots, or even sneakers with the dress. It must be said that among the materials used in the fashion world, leather remains one unavoidable.

This type of dress also offers a multitude of choices regarding patterns, colors or prints. Spoiled for choice quickly sets in if you don’t know how to assert your character. From electric notes to floral motifs, autumn is sure to be a promising season when it comes to trends.

Bohemian dresses in parallel with back to school

Bohemian dresses aren’t just made for fashion victims. You can also pass this trend on to your daughter. In addition, many couturiers offer a integral collection bohemian dresses for children and teenagers. In this way they benefit from appropriate clothing according to each essential situation. It must be said that a young student can be subject to many risks at school.

Between the playground, ongoing activities or changes in weather, a lot can happen. Freedom of movement is an essential parameter that you must take into account in Welfare of your daughter. At the same time, you can boast that you have a girl who can compete with the biggest supermodels in the field of clothing. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to dress elegantly, while still being comfortable with their body.

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