Many people dream of buying a house or apartment and living there peacefully. This mother and her daughter made one of their dreams come true by buying a house together. Unfortunately, some circumstances are uncontrollable. The Fox5 news program tells us what happened to this family who wanted to live in the house they just bought.

This mother and daughter have pooled their savings to buy a house together

House bought by mother and daughter

House bought by mother and daughter. Source: spm

This story is somewhat surprising, but Donna Edmonds and her daughter Jen Larsen made it decided to combine their savings own a home together. Indeed, with their rents too high, they have decided to undertake this common project. Unfortunately for them, their home has been the target of squatters and they could not settle there.

Why couldn’t this mother and her daughter move into their home?

With the price of their respective rents, Donna Edmonds decided with her daughter, Jen Larsen, to launch in a big family project. The mother and daughter had come to the conclusion of buying a house together by pooling all their savings. After multiple sacrifices and compromises to achieve this, the two women they found themselves living a nightmare. In fact, the former homeowner had asked them for another seven days to empty the house of his belongings and explained to them that his financial situation was not very stable. The two women showed great empathy by leaving this delay to the seller of the house, but during this time people broke into the house and stayed there for a long time. The squatters did not want to leave the house and problems began for the two new owners.

The overwhelmed mother of the children

The children’s mother is overwhelmed. Source: spm

It turned out that this mother and daughter’s house was occupied by the ex-wife of the former owner who also brought a man into the house. The previous owner was therefore aware of all this deception and deceived the two women.

What does the law say about a squat?

According to the site, Institute of Justice, the law states that a squat refers to occupying a dwelling that people have broken into. The squatters illegally occupy the place of residence without title or right. In the event of a squat, the owner can lodge a complaint with the police headquarters for trespassing. He must then bring the documents that prove that it is his property. Therefore, a procedure for the eviction of squatters can be put in place. If this procedure does not work, the prefecture can be asked to issue a formal warning to leave the premises to squatters.

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