A time of regrets for Serbia …

A time of regrets for Serbia …

A time of regrets for Serbia …

Yet led by his two MVPs, Nikola Jokic (NBA) e Vasilije Micic (Euroleague finals four), the Serbia took the door in the round of 16 after losing to Italy.

A real feat of Blue Square, led by his explosive coach Gianmarco Pozzecco, struggling with an alleged contender for the European title. In fact, the Orlovi they have generally been announced in the last four.

Yes, but here it is:Euro Basket it’s a dense competition, where no matches are given, and therefore minimal relaxation can be very, very expensive.

A disaster…

Unlike France, Slovenia and Greece, who had to fight but reached the quarter-finals, Serbia therefore paid the price by falling into oblivion. A bitter failure, which follows those of the 2019 World Cup (5th place) and the 2020 Olympic Games (absence), but which above all leaves everyone stunned in the world of work.

I don’t know what to say … It’s a disaster », Launches for example the trigger Vanja Marinkovic (63% success to 3 points!), In the columns of Mozzart Sport. ” The Italians gave their all on the pitch. [Marco] spissu and [Achille] Polonara found the rhythm and took the usual shots… We didn’t score for several minutes. It is a disaster.

A disappointment shared by Vasilije Micic, Nikola Jokic’s lieutenant, certainly author of 16 points and 8 assists, but only 5/14 on shots and 1/8 on 3-points. Beyond his awkward shooting, the Anadolu Efes Istanbul player regrets above all the collective collapse of his country.

We stopped playing, there was no determination, no confidence to try our shots “, He explains. ” We played tense, then they started a crazy series, especially Marco Spissu, who had an incredible evening. [Les Italiens] played hard on defense. Their style of play isn’t right for us, but that’s no excuse. We started well, then we stopped. Even for Nikola Jokic it was not easy, they had prepared for him despite having scored 32 points. But it was up to us, the rest of the team, to take responsibility. We should have done better.

The runners-up of Europe (already) on the table

Quickly established themselves in control (up to +14 in the second quarter), Serbia then progressively lost prestige in the game, weighed down by the defeats of the ball (16) but also from the Italian winger (16/38 to 3 points), the men of Svetislav Pesic thus left the Azzurri get back into the game.

With, in particular, a great “run” of… 25-7, between the third and fourth quarters.

We don’t know what happened. [Les Italiens] made many shots, congratulations to them. They imposed their own pace on us, with so many 3-point shots, so much madness … », Book on the subject Nikola Kalinic, also present in the top five of the European vice-champions in office.

Then the captain Vladimir Lucic to support the words of his teammates …

We got nervous and missed the open pitches. They put in their 3-point shots and gained confidence. We are very disappointed, it is a difficult defeat to accept. Italy has given us many problems, we have not been able to complete our pick-and-roll situations. They scored a lot of points from behind the arc, while we missed a lot of long range shots. This is the difference.

Photo credit: FIBA.com

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