a very original new free game and a nice gift

a very original new free game and a nice gift

a very original new free game and a nice gift

The new free Epic Games Store game is available. This week will be full of originality, all accompanied by a small bonus as a gift.

Like every Thursday, the Epic Games Store invites PC players to pick up one or more free games. After hitting Shadow of the Tomb Raider hard, the shop is returning to more confidential titles.

The new free Epic Games Store game is available

It’s time for weekly giveaways. This week the free game of the Epic Games Store will be put under the sign of originality. One hundred days – Wine simulation has the particularity of mixing simulation, strategy, storytelling and maps. In this small indie title, players embody a city girl who leaves everything to take complete control of a vineyard in a quiet village. It is up to them to decide what to produce, how and when at each shift. It will then be necessary to place the famous cards on the grids, then sell the production of her. Every choice you make, from the vine to the sale, will affect the quality and quantity of the wine produced, as well as the reputation of your small business.

This new free game from the Epic Games Store has received a good reception from those who have tried it. It will also come with a small bonus gift: the Realm Royale Reforged Epic Launch Pack. The latter obviously contains a whole series of useful items as cosmetics for this new version of the free third-person shooter developed by Heroic Leap Games. It will then instantly unlock the Viking Deathcutter Assassin and Poultry Chicken skins, as well as the Nogard dragon mount. Both the hundred days and the package are available September 8-15 at 5:00 pm PDT.

What are the next free games?

And the program for next week? They will be replaced by Spirit of the North and The Captain. The first is a poetic third-person single player game that puts players in the shoes of a fox. The title has received a very positive reception from players. As for the latter, it’s a point-and-click role-playing game where you play Captain Thomas Welmu, a space fleet scientist lost on the other side of the galaxy.

It will be up to you to stop the dark forces from destroying the earth. There will be exploration, space combat, ship upgrading. These new free games from the Epic Games Store will be available as always from 15 to 22 September at 5pm.

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