a year after the French bankruptcy, Australia could finally retrace its steps

a year after the French bankruptcy, Australia could finally retrace its steps

a year after the French bankruptcy, Australia could finally retrace its steps

In September 2021 Australia broke the contract for 12 submarines signed with France in 2016. However, in recent days, the The Labor government confirmed that the ultimately preferred US and UK shipyards were unable to supply him with the nuclear devices.

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The “blow to the back” denounced by France a year ago seems increasingly like a bamboo blow for Australia. On the night of September 15-16, 2021, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia announced their union as part of a defense pact called Aukus. A great disappointment for France since the creation of this alliance also involved the violation of a contract with Australia estimated at 56 billion euros and relating to the delivery of twelve conventional submarines. Except that Australia, which has preferred to equip itself with nuclear-powered submarines, risks having to wait a long time before seeing their color and even finding itself, at the turn of the 40s, completely devoid of submarines, since its current fleet will be demolished at that time.

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The Labor government has indeed confirmed that the shipyards of its American and British allies were unable to supply it with nuclear submarines.

Also to avoid being completely naked, Australia could equip itself with classic submarines. And according to the Australian press, France is in the running. During his meeting with Premier Anthony Albanese in July, Emmanuel Macron would offer to supply four machines. Information that Anne Genetet, Renaissance deputy and secretary of the Defense Commission at the Assembly, does not deny: “It is normal for France to try to seize an opportunity, because we have high quality skills, know-how and equipment. It is not for nothing that we signed this contract with Australia in 2019 “, he told franceinfo. The visit to the Brest naval base at the beginning of September 2022 by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu, with his Australian counterpart in Defense, also gives weight to this hypothesis.

But on the Australian side, the navy would be reluctant to this idea, because it simply would not have the human resources to support a new type of submarine. The case will continue: it is only in March 2023 that the Australian Minister of Defense will have to unveil its complete strategy on the subject of submarines.

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