A YouTuber enters Fort Boyard illegally, the production files a complaint

A YouTuber enters Fort Boyard illegally, the production files a complaint

A YouTuber enters Fort Boyard illegally, the production files a complaint

A YouTuber has illegally entered Fort Boyard, a fort hosting the France 2 game show of the same name. The production announces a complaint.

“I infiltrated Fort Boyard today.” With pride, Max Von Croft, a YouTuber specializing in the discovery of often inaccessible urban spaces, films himself at the top of the famous fort located opposite the island of Oléron and which frames the summer program of France 2. A video that today the accusation was worth it because the young man illegally entered the monument.

The young man, with the sailor’s cap on his head, evokes a “cold, quiet” video. The story identified by Southwest it is part of a game event. The YouTubeur tells of having entered the fort after a 2.5 km journey in the middle of the sea in the middle of the night.

“Everything for a 25-30m abseil over a fort in the middle of the night was great, it’s the kind of adventure we love,” he explains.


For about thirty minutes we see him wandering around the fort emptied of candidates and technical teams. Everything is shown there from the tower of Father Fouras, the infirmary or even the technical platform built a few meters from the fort to enter “safely” in the monument, according to the production. “I’m not going to show you too much evidence, because you risk being extremely disappointed, because it’s really cardboard, (…) it’s just empty, fake”, he denigrates.

“I felt betrayed, the famous stone platform does not exist,” he jokes, referring to the platform where the candidates must bring the boyars at the end of the game.

The video was shot in September 2021 when the film crews left the location. The production crews reopened the fort around March, putting the safety systems back in place. Shooting takes place from May to July and the renovation and adaptation works are carried out until mid-September. It was published on Max Von Croft’s YouTube channel dedicated to his exploits as an urbex (urban exploration of usually abandoned places).

Adventure Line Production (ALP) program production filed a complaint during the process. “He had a dangerous behavior, it was necessary to emphasize the opportunity not to give ideas to others otherwise one day we will end up with a drama”, we explain to ALP at BFMTV.com remembering that the fort is not accessible to the public. The production confirms that “nothing has been damaged or stolen and that this complaint is intended to have a deterrent effect.

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