A “zombie” train to fight Jakarta’s monstrous traffic

A “zombie” train to fight Jakarta’s monstrous traffic

A “zombie” train to fight Jakarta’s monstrous traffic

published Thursday 08 September 2022 at 07:18

In the Indonesian capital Jakarta, known for its monstrous traffic jams, “zombies” have been called to the rescue to persuade residents to take public transport.

The skytrain operator transformed a train and station into a zombie-filled apocalyptic scene and invited passengers to join in.

Cette attraction payante, proposée par the operator du métro aérien de la mégalopole LRT Jakarta et l’organisateur d’évènements Pandora Box, a été lancée le mois dernier pour promouvoir le service de transport sur rail encore récent et encourager les habitants à l ‘ to use.

In this unusual setting, actors in torn clothing roar and twist to impress the passengers. One of the characters, particularly scary, has white orbs instead of eyes.

The zombies crawl towards the passengers, who flee through the dark tunnels of the station, before being able to board a train.

On a screen in the wagon, a TV presenter – another actor – claims that an outbreak of the “Pandora” virus is spreading through the city and turning the inhabitants into the living dead.

Soldiers equipped with fake guns fight with “zombies” in an attempt to escort and protect passengers.

But the inanimate bodies wake up and stand guard to emerge and terrorize the public.

– “Beware of the zombie” –

“Danger, watch out for zombies,” warns a sign in the station where red lights flash as a warning.

“The zombies didn’t really chase us, but we panicked anyway,” a 17-year-old zombie fan told AFP Genesis Christi.

The attraction, titled “Train to the Apocalypse”, is inspired by “Last Train to Busan”, a South Korean horror film released in 2016 that met with great success.

“We want to tell young people that taking public transport is something interesting,” notes Billy Junior, the manager of Pandora Box, to AFP.

With its 30 million inhabitants, Jakarta’s highly polluted conurbation is often paralyzed by traffic jams and the lack of sidewalks doesn’t encourage walking.

The first sky subway and subway lines began serving the capital of the Southeast Asian archipelago only in 2019.

But Indonesians continue to favor their vehicles, especially motorcycles and scooters.

The “Train to the Apocalypse” costs around 4 euros per ticket and will only last until the end of the week.

The organizers have promised that the 20-minute journey will not disturb normal LRT skytrain passengers. But even without participating, they can see part of the show for free.

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