Accidents ruin the Sanaa festival in Mamoudzou

Accidents ruin the Sanaa festival in Mamoudzou

Accidents ruin the Sanaa festival in Mamoudzou

The Sanaa festival, organized by the municipality of Mamoudzou ended this Saturday evening, but unfortunately not in good condition. The fights took place at the end of the evening while rapper Niska was on stage.

It was a night of fear experienced by the spectators present at the Sanaa festival this Saturday, September 3 in Mamoudzou. The evening was in full swing, in a beautiful climate without any particular incidents until rapper Niska arrived on stage, eagerly awaited. The audience was in all states of him and cheered loud and clear, but sadly this moment of sharing lasted less than five minutes. As the artist was about to start his second song, an accident occurred in the pit and created a panic effect.

Ambdilwahedou Soumaïla, mayor of Mamoudzou

Ambdilwahedou Soumaïla, mayor of Mamoudzou

© Raïnat Aliloiffa

It would have been some young people who would push each other.

Ambdilwahedou Soumaïla, mayor of Mamoudzou

The people present got scared and started running in all directions, creating a crowd movement. In a panic, everyone tried to save themselves, somehow.

The gendarmes and police on the scene promptly released tear gas to disperse the crowd. Some people have reportedly passed out as a result. “So far the firefighters have identified ten injured due to tear gas”, assures the mayor of the municipal capital. But he acknowledges that it is still too early to establish an accurate assessment of the number of injuries and damages.

This event was the beginning of a night of clashes between police and groups of armed criminals, scattered in the municipality of Mamoudzou, from Kaweni to Tsoundzou.

Four vehicles were vandalized on M’gombani’s side.

recognizes Ambdilwahedou Soumaïla

But again, the figure is likely to change.

The reunited festival of Sanaa “2,600 people on the first day, 14,000 on the second and over 15,000 on the third day”, according to the first magistrate of Mamoudzou. Following the incidents this Saturday evening, many are wondering about the security system. Was it big enough given the number of people who came to the concert?

We knew there would be more people yesterday, so we doubled the number of officers searching the entrance. I wouldn’t call it a security breach, but what happened inside created a crowd movement that spread.

says Ambdilwahedou Soumaïla

According to a police source, following these riots, 4 people were arrested and placed in custody. An investigation will be opened for “Participation in an armed crowd and with a weapon. And investigations will be carried out to try to find the other authors. “

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