Aggression of Kheira Hamraoui: Aminata Diallo presented to a judge, new incriminating elements

Aggression of Kheira Hamraoui: Aminata Diallo presented to a judge, new incriminating elements

Aggression of Kheira Hamraoui: Aminata Diallo presented to a judge, new incriminating elements

The noose seems to tighten on Aminata Diallo, who was referred earlier this afternoon this Friday to be presented to the investigating judge in the case of the assault on her former teammate Kheira Hamraoui, according to our information. The Versailles prosecutor’s office, on the basis of new elements that we reveal, has asked for the provisional detention of the former PSG player, who has not admitted the facts in police custody.

The young woman, arrested this morning at her home, was, according to our information, the subject of further police custody, having been extended the judicial investigation by the Versailles prosecutor’s office to new acts of fraud in an organized gang. According to several concordant sources, Aminata Diallo was in fact the subject of telephone interceptions by investigators, and her apartment was equipped with an amplification system, extremely thorough investigations aimed at demonstrating that the young woman was trying to climb with accomplices a new operation against Kheira Hamraoui. To confuse her, “we used methods that are usually used against thugs,” says a source close to the investigation.

The suspect had already been placed in police custody in November 2021, before going free, without charge against her. The young woman then encouraged the investigators of the PJ of Versailles to take an interest in the personal relationships of her teammate. Aminata Diallo had explained that Hamraoui’s attackers allegedly accused her of having relations with married men.

Three other suspects, heard by police since Wednesday morning, were referred and presented on Friday to an investigating judge for an indictment, said the Versailles prosecutor’s office, which also called for their provisional detention. According to several sources, they would have recognized their presence at the site of the attack.

On November 4, 2021, Kheira Hamraoui, 32 years old and 39 appearances for the French national team, was attacked with iron bars and beaten in the legs by two men, in front of Aminata Diallo, as they were driving back from a team dinner. The player was then taken to the hospital to receive stitches.

A rivalry between the two players

The hypothesis of a rivalry between the two Paris Saint-Germain players, who play in the same position in midfield, has always been favored by the investigators, even if Aminata Diallo has always strongly contested it. The police would now have several elements that bind Diallo to the attackers, or at least to the alleged sponsor of the attack. Furthermore, Diallo’s unusual and inconsistent path, that evening driving the vehicle, has always intrigued the attention of the police. As well as the reduced speed of the vehicle at the time of the attack, as well as the absence of hits on Aminata Diallo.

This incident completely destabilized the PSG locker room and had a negative impact on the sports performances of the two players. Hamraoui’s relationship with many of her teammates, most notably Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, had deteriorated severely, the latter berating her for Aminata Diallo’s first police custody. The expansion of today’s investigations to include fraud in an organized gang still suggests new twists and turns.

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