Alaphilippe, the thunder is confirmed!

Alaphilippe, the thunder is confirmed!

Alaphilippe, the thunder is confirmed!

While he seemed to have to forgo the world championships in Australia, Julian Alaphilippe is expected to be at the start of the World Cup, according to Patrick Lefevere.

This time around, Julian Alaphilippe is well on his way to winning his time trial. While he had finally had to decide to give up the Tour de France due to his terrible crash during Liège-Bastogne-Liège, his efforts for two months to be at the start of the Grande Boucle were not enough. leader of the Quick-Step, the Saint-Amand-Montrond native should be able to compete in the next world championships in Australia.

It will probably be too short“, However, had launched Patrick Lefevere the day after his rider’s new crash, on the Vuelta. Forced to retire, the Frenchman suffered from a dislocation in his right shoulder which therefore prevented him from pursuing the dream of the third consecutive crown. But a week has passed and this time the lights are green according to the big boss of Quick-Step. The latter is now convinced of his presence in Wooloogong, according to the Het Laatste Nieuws.

Relief for Voeckler

Thomas Voeckler should decide in the next few days, but the Italian technician wanted to be optimistic just a few days after his driver’s new misfortune. ” If there is a runner who knows how to get up after a hard blow, that is him “, He confided, well aware of the importance of the double title holder:” The French team will start the World Cup with established ambitions, but I don’t want to make a fuss in saying that we approach the race with the same idea in mind regardless of whether Julian is present or not.

It remains to be seen in what form Julian Alaphilippe will approach the race. The cousin and coach wanted to be optimistic at the beginning of the week even if caution remained a must. ” The hard work done during the Vuelta, where it was growing before the crash, will not be lost at all: after this short forced break, it will almost naturally overcompensate “, he confided to L’Equipe, adding:” He has to remain cautious as his shoulder is still sore and can easily dislocate again in the event of a bump, but what he has been showing for three days is quite encouraging. If we didn’t try to be overly attentive, he may already be resuming a near-normal workout. Everything will go back to normal. We will have to make another point at the end of the week, but the prospect of being able to reach his end-of-season goals has completely empowered him.

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