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All-Star Battle R by

All-Star Battle R by

A true pop culture phenomenon in Japan, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is considered by many to be one of the best manga of all time. With a collection of 131 volumes, the work of Hirohiko Araki remained confined to its country of origin for a long time before reaching the western lands. A saga with an often quirky and uninhibited tone, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures have not escaped the lure of video game adaptations and this All-Star Battle R is a booster that should delight all fans.

Divided into eight narrative arcs, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has the particularity of focusing each time on a different character, but bearing (almost exclusively) the same initials: Jo. If the saga was already very popular, it had an even more pronounced success with the advent of the series on Netflix. Over the years and generations, the cast of this incredible story has grown considerably and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, which is nothing more than the remastering of a title released in 2014 on PlayStation 3, is the promise to embody all the iconic characters of the franchise – and beyond – as well as bringing many improvements.

A family history

True to the original, the CyberConnect2 developers have not tried to change the formula. On the contrary, they chose instead to optimize what could be optimized by emphasizing the impressive list of the game (which integrates the protagonists that were previously offered as DLC). To fully immerse themselves in the crazy universe of the series, the player can thus choose between 51 characters, 10 of which are completely new compared to the 2014 software. In this way, fans of the license can juggle the different generations (heroes, villains, secondary characters … ), although fans will regret a measly eighth arc. In fact, for the last part of the manga, only Josuke Higashikata is present. The most demanding will not fail to point out that if paid extensions have been offered in the past, it is a safe bet that the same will be true for this new generation version. Especially since looking at the casting, we immediately realize that it is the first narrative arcs that are most highlighted.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R: The remaster worthy of one of the best manga of all time?Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R: The remaster worthy of one of the best manga of all time?

The Grand Tournament

If you’re unfamiliar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and His Wacky Universe, unfortunately it’s not this title that will help you make the connection between each character. While it was pretty quick, the PS3 version’s Story mode disappeared in favor of a kind of grand tournament called All-Star Battle R and which consists of a selection of battles – some of which are canonical fights from the manga – that take place. in small manga-like boxes. In addition to the level of difficulty that evolves from one fight to another, the game offers a system of challenges and each victory guarantees gold coins that can be spent to unlock improvements, cosmetic items, victory poses, killer phrases, etc. With a hundred bonuses to track down, you might as well say it will take a long time to get them all back! This rather well thought-out mode thus allows you to appreciate the much more pronounced dynamism of this remaster. But in the absence of a real scripted mode, it will be above all the fans and connoisseurs of the work who will have great pleasure in unlocking all the rewards. In addition to the main mode, players can indulge in Versus, join an Arcade mode or improve their gameplay mastery by training in a dedicated mode.

Real improvements or timid optimizations?

Just compare the original with this installment to appreciate all the gameplay changes. Faster combat, attack rebalancing, visual effects additions … the charm works instantly for anyone hooked into the Jojo universe. The style is so distinctive it won’t appeal to everyone, but the All-Star Battle R can’t be taken away from its fan service and countless ubiquitous winks. In terms of combat, CyberConnect2’s play is very effective with very different characters (in styles with evocative names of Stand, Vampirism, Fashion, On Horseback, etc.) who can now count on life-saving support. Indeed, we can now choose two characters, the second intervening in the middle of a fight to provide assistance. It doesn’t look like much said this way, but compared to the original it adds dozens of additional combinations (as well as being visually classy). Also of note is the presence of traps that act as obstacles that trigger in the middle of a match and do damage. This can range from a dinosaur out of nowhere to a giant chandelier to vehicles (trains, cars) launched at full speed. If it is possible to adapt the aids to your level of experience, it must be recognized that Jojo’s Bizarre All-Star Battle R is sometimes torn between the desire to be demanding for purists and the need to open up to the greatest number. In its mechanics the game is quite technical and requires some training, but we have fun finding all the hidden references in the Spalti, these “ghost waves” directly inspired by the great rock bands and music stars of the 80s and ‘ 90.


Without being graphically stunning, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R has a cel-shading really convincing and detailed. This process, which consists of widening the line of characters and decorations to give them a cartoonish look, works wonders in this title! It gives a lot of scope and style to different environments and we believe CyberConnect2 went to great lengths to sublimate the most spectacular effects of the era. After that, of course, you will like the design of the Hirohiko Araki mangaka, but the whole thing is really very clean and efficient! The atmosphere is also of quality thanks to the highly successful Japanese voices and tuned music. From there to finally break? Everything will depend on your affinity with this series. If you haven’t seen / read the first few story arcs (at least the first three), you risk getting completely lost in this universe. On this point, and even if the gameplay is explained, a scenario mode is missing that would have opened the game to a greater number of people. The other detrimental strength is the absence of a rollback of the network code allowing for greater stability in online games. As a result, and despite a rather interesting chasm on this side (online missions, friendly, leaderboard, etc.), many of our fights have suffered from latency. Let’s see if things improve in the days to come …

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R: The remaster worthy of one of the best manga of all time?Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R: The remaster worthy of one of the best manga of all time?



  • A cast of over fifty characters
  • Styles (special powers) and stands (ghost waves)
  • Visually sound and true to the original artwork
  • The musical atmosphere and Japanese voices
  • Quite dynamic gameplay
  • The “support” characters of this version
  • The 104 challenges of the All-Star Battle R mode


  • Online game without rollback netcode
  • Power imbalance between the characters
  • Too few explanations for newbies
  • Gameplay torn between openness and elitism
  • A game clearly for the fans, and only for them

With its fan-service and multiple references, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R is above all dedicated to the community passionate about Hirohiko Araki’s work. A spoiled remaster of the eponymous title from the PlayStation 3 toy library, it offers an impressive cast and gameplay that is as technical as it is dynamic. If the balance of power isn’t optimal (some characters are much more powerful than others), CyberConnect2’s game has enough resources to convince combat enthusiasts. Provided you know the manga or the anime. Otherwise, Battle R may be too airtight for newbies and non-manga connoisseurs.

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