Amazon Games Cites Activision Agreement Out Of Fear Of Monopoly |  Xbox One

Amazon Games Cites Activision Agreement Out Of Fear Of Monopoly | Xbox One

Amazon Games Cites Activision Agreement Out Of Fear Of Monopoly |  Xbox One

Microsoft is in the process of acquiring the publisher Activision-Blizzard and while the Redmond company is awaiting the approval of the various competition authorities, the other players in the sector do not hesitate to express themselves on the deal when they are not called to do so. This time it is Christoph Hartmann, former Take-Two progeny and current director of Amazon Games, to take advantage of an interview with GameSpot to express his fears about the consolidation of video games.

Between fear of monopoly and diverging interests

Based on his field experience, Hartmann sees the video game industry heading towards a long-term monopoly “if the state does not intervene”. While he assures Amazon isn’t necessarily pushing for such a move, Hartmann believes the consolidation will intensify even more, to the point that only a handful of gaming companies will remain standing.

In the long run we are all dead. Any company, as long as the state does not interfere, will eventually become a monopoly in one form or another. I’m not saying that’s where we’re going on Amazon. What I’m saying is that there are fewer and fewer actors. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and the number of game companies I’ve seen … and now Activision is being sold. Who is left? Take-Two and EA. Take-Two, I don’t know, I think with GTA everyone is leaving because it’s a source of trouble … And EA, there’s all this noise from the corridors …

Christoph Hartmann won’t comment on any interviews between EA and Amazon, but admits that Amazon Games recently opened a studio in Montreal recruiting former Rainbow Six team members from Ubisoft as they were about to sign a partnership with Electronic Arts.

If Amazon is a relatively new and inexperienced player in the video game industry, the fear of monopoly evoked by mentioning the Microsoft – Activision-Blizzard deal seems further away when you consider the rumors of an attempted takeover of a major player like EA.

However, like Sony, which said it fears the palatability of the Xbox Game Pass and returned yesterday to the importance of a Call of Duty license for its players, Amazon is supportive of its interests, as any publisher would. of competing platforms do so in light of an important agreement such as that of Activision-Blizzard.

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