Aminata Diallo arrested and placed again in police custody

Aminata Diallo arrested and placed again in police custody

Aminata Diallo arrested and placed again in police custody

According to information from RMC and JDD, former PSG player Aminata Diallo was arrested at her home on Friday morning by the judicial police and placed in police custody. Her noose is tightening around her after her attack on teammate Kheira Hamraoui last year.

New turning point in the investigation into the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. According to information from the RMC and JDD judicial police service, Aminata Diallo, a former PSG midfielder, was arrested at her home on Friday morning. In this case she was placed in police custody for the second time as she had already heard for 40 hours immediately after the attack on the then teammate in November 2021.

The trace of a rivalry between the two players in the center of the booklet

Almost a year later, he finds himself again in the crosshairs of investigators. According to information gathered by RMC, it is precisely the wake of a rivalry between the two players at the center of the case. Investigators are still trying to find out whether this attack was committed and sponsored in a context of sports or private rivalry.

Aminata Diallo was then arrested at her home on Friday morning by police officers of the BRB of the DRPJ of Versailles. You have to explain once again your alleged involvement in this affair. The player – who left PSG at the end of last season and has plans to attack the club – had already been questioned at length shortly after the attack. At the time, she pleaded free and without any criminal prosecution, claiming her innocence.

But the investigation by the judicial police has made significant progress since then. Investigators managed to identify several men suspected of directly participating in the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. Since Wednesday, four suspects have been taken into custody. At least three of them admitted that they were present at the scene of the attack. According to RMC information, these suspects pass the matter when it comes to knowing which of them carried the blows with the iron bar. At the end of the hearings, these suspects must be presented to a judge this Friday for their possible indictment.

Diallo and Hamraoui were together at the time of the attack

The facts date back to 4 November 2021 after a dinner with the PSG group in a restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne. Hamraoui had taken his place in the car driven by teammate Aminata Diallo with Sakina Karchaoui. After leaving the latter in her house in Chatou, the two players had seen two masked men emerge who had extricated Hamraoui from the vehicle before hitting her in the legs, Diallo was restrained without being hit by the attackers.

The trail of revenge in the context of an extramarital affair had been studied before she was fired. This incident caused a major rift in the PSG locker room where several players apparently supported Diallo, thus opposing Hamraoui. If Diallo left the club at the end of last season, Hamraoui was recently informed of her exclusion from the group, which she had observed by a bailiff this week at Camp des Loges.

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