an enigmatic trailer for Netflix’s Game of Death

an enigmatic trailer for Netflix’s Game of Death

an enigmatic trailer for Netflix’s Game of Death

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the first sequel toAt loggerheads : Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads.

We can say that Rian Johnson’s journey has so far been quite successful. After you’ve got to realize Star Wars: The Last Jedi and after the success of his At loggerheadsRian Johnson returns with the sequel to his mystery, Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads, while a third party is already foreseen in the contract between the director and Netflix. Rare are the directors who manage to free themselves from the yes-man label or to impose their styles when attached to the franchises, but everything suggests that the director of Brig and of Looper be of this precious character.

And even if his Star Wars: The Last Jedi received mixed reception (and negative reviews from toxic fans of the universe), had a certain visual and aesthetic ambition that we owed only to him. It is certainly no coincidence that Disney wanted – there was a time – to give him the keys to a trilogy Star Wars. Until then, this second part of Benoît Blanc’s adventures confirms the status of the gentleman, Netflix having almost said what we mentioned above. First of all, because Netflix went directly to the director to make the sequels to the film himself (a child who belongs only to him). Then why did we see the trailer and it looks as good as the first one.

We find that the detective played by Daniel Craig is surely (and still) mired in spite of himself in an atypical investigation to say the least. If escape games are in vogue right now, it’s hard to bring out good things in cinema (except for game night) as the films have sadly proved Escape Room. However, all it takes is Rian Johnson to come up with three to four trinkets, riddles and puzzles with fun mechanics along with her alleged murder to intrigue us.

The mystery therefore promises to be as playful as the previous one. if not more, with these puzzles scattered everywhere and why not linked together. Perhaps their resolutions will also affect the resolution of the mystery (we go crazy). We hope in any case that they are not there at all.

Glass onion: a story drawn with daggers: photo Edward NortonWhen we tell them it’s not a game

And rest assured, Rian Johnson’s penchant for luxurious and sumptuously extraordinary furnishings remains intact. The imposing highlands of Cluedo are just waiting to be visited a breathtaking casting. We find alongside Daniel Craig Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Dave Bautista, Madelyn Cline and Kate Hudson … just that. So if you feel like playing the detective in Rian Johnson’s next mystery movie, it will be available on the platform from 23 December 2022.

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