Are your boots bad?  Here are 4 current releases for fall

Are your boots bad? Here are 4 current releases for fall

Are your boots bad?  Here are 4 current releases for fall

Posted September 05, 2022 at 2:37 pm

Are your boots bad?  Here are 4 current releases for fall

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Boots are the king of style as autumn approaches. But if these pieces are classics of the season, they are also subject to trends.

Every year, it’s the same scenario. Once the start of the school year is over, our subconscious has only one desire: to get our boots out of the closet. These are definitely the most desirable shoes for fall. Imperial, feminine and avant-garde, the boots seduce us season after season. And even if the sun is still sunny, we only dream of the first fall of the dead leaves and the sunsets of November. But it is already time to think about which boots we will wear with pleasure and which ones we will try to modernize. Designers also inspire us at every Fashion Week to give a new boost to our shoe wardrobe. So here are 4 boot trends to follow as Taylor Swift’s favorite season approaches.

Back to the basics

Not to be worn: lace-up boots

In a more or less distant era, we have tried to create fashion hybrids of all kinds. Lace-up boots were therefore born as a mix between converse and waders. Bad idea.

To wear: the classic knee-high boots

Nothing beats the classic straight knee-length boot that elongates the silhouette and will last year after year without the risk of going out of style. Really, less is more welcome.

Let’s think back to the end

Not to be worn: the round toe boot

The death knell for the round tip is rung. Less modern, more memorable, the round toe boot gradually greets the world of trends.

To wear: the square toe boot

The round toe boot is replaced by the square toe boot. Inspired by the 70s, this shoe has it all to make our silhouettes sharper than ever.

For tomboys

Not to be worn: biker boots

The biker boot fascinated us in the 2010s. With its buckles and round toe (again), it has been obsolete for several years now. Bye bye.

To wear: cowboy boots

For those who love boyish outfits, the cowboy boot is the perfect compromise that allows the development of an explosive outfit. Clearly, the highlight of your outfit.

For those who love too much

Not to be worn: thigh-high boots in suede

Tumblr girls 10 years ago swore by this style of boot. Ariana Grande too. But it’s time to change the repertoire a bit and leave these boots in the era they appeared.

To wear: oversized boots

Oversized boots with this kind of “bulges” are more current than ever. They remind us of Anne Hathaway’s post-makeover looks in “The Devil Wears Prada”. We love them in leather and camel color.

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