as OM prepares to welcome the (many) supporters of Frankfurt

as OM prepares to welcome the (many) supporters of Frankfurt

as OM prepares to welcome the (many) supporters of Frankfurt

After the serious incidents during the Nice-Cologne match at the Allianz Riviera in Thursday’s Europa League conference, OM will deploy important means to receive Eintracht Frankfurt and its numerous fans on Tuesday evening in Marseille for the second day of the Champions League.

The Champions League returns to Marseille. OM and the Vélodrome stadium are preparing to receive German fans for the OM-Frankfurt match on Tuesday evening (21:00) on behalf of the second day of C1. The incidents of Thursday night before Nice-Cologne in the Europa League Conference, a new influx of Germans in the city of Marseille and the warm reputation of some Olympic fans raise concerns that more violence will occur.

The prefecture of police has therefore taken some measures to address these risks. A prefectoral decree to this effect has just been signed, which prohibits the presence of German fans around the velodrome stadium.

A procession of German supporters banned

According to our information, the supporters of Frankfurt will be meeting Place de la Joliette; close to the hotels where most of them will stay (where the Greeks had gathered). The fans’ buses, and some other coaches made available to the Germans, will shuttle between this square and the Vélodrome stadium. They will therefore have to go directly to their parking lot to minimize the risk of clashes with the Marseille ultras. Only German fans with a ticket will have access to these buses. A procession of German supporters is also prohibited by the authorities.

1,200 people hired for organization and safety

In its decree, the prefecture evokes the fear of seeing about 5 thousand German supporters arrive who would not have tickets. It is a tradition in many German clubs and in particular in Frankfurt: fans travel to be present in the city where their team evolves. This will be the fear and the great challenge: how to manage the arrival of German fans who have come by their own means and who would like to gather for example at Porto Vecchio …

As for the inside of the stadium, there will be parking for 3,300 German fans. The Marseille club is relatively confident and thinks they have avoided a massive purchase of tickets on the Internet. Some German supporters would have noticed, for example, that bank cards from abroad and in particular from Germany had strangely … a flaw at the time of payment. Perhaps a trick to prevent too many Germans from buying tickets, like in Barcelona last season.

In the stadium there will be 1,200 people hired for organization and security on the OM side (security, steward, reception, etc.) plus reinforced system law enforcement personnel, about 600 mobile forces, including hooliganism specialists.

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