[Deal du jour] Fnac offers a discount on the board game Dragominocurrently under € 15. Ideal for families, this board game won the 2021 As d’Or Enfant at the Cannes Festival des Jeux.

  • What is this discount on the game Dragomino ? Fnac offers a reduction on the board game for children Dragomino. Usually it is around € 20, here it is offered for € 14.99.
  • What is this board game ? Dragominothis is the most accessible children’s version of the board game Kingdomino. In the latter, the goal is to build the most beautiful kingdom using dominoes. In Dragomino, the kingdom is replaced by lands to travel to to collect … dragon eggs. As you may have guessed from the name of the game, adorable baby dragons take pride of place in this simple and addicting board game. Dragomino, it is also a portmanteau that contracts the words “dragons” and “domino”. The game then takes up the concept of dominoes to be assembled, obviously adding elements to make the game more interesting and fun. Each player places his newly drawn tiles in front of him, respecting the places that appear there. If a pair of tiles are put together, a dragon egg is placed between the tiles. And if a baby dragon hatches, that’s a point earned. The player who has captured the most children simply wins the game.
  • Activate this promotion Dragomino it’s interesting? At less than € 15, it’s a great opportunity to get an ideal game to play with the family. The simple concept and fast-paced games mean that the rounds take place with pleasure. The dominoes represent different scenarios: mountain, prairie, desert, all superbly illustrated. Dragon eggs are small round tiles with an egg on the front. Once the tile is placed and turned over, players discover a baby dragon on the back (or an empty egg for the unlucky ones). Each dragon is different and it’s always fun to see which baby dragon will spawn. There is also a small wooden figurine of a mother dragon. Its usefulness is limited, but keep a watchful eye on that no dragon is mistreated or injured during the game.
Dragomino components
The dragon mother inside Dragomino // Source: Blue Orange

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