Audience: Which audience for Jarry’s return and his “Big Show”?

Audience: Which audience for Jarry’s return and his “Big Show”?

Audience: Which audience for Jarry’s return and his “Big Show”?

The TF1 group’s channel audience has been affected since Friday 2 September 2022 after its channels’ signal was cut off by Canal + in its offerings and on the TNT Sat service.

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On Saturday evening, France 3 conquers the public with a retransmission of the TV film “Meurtres à Granville”, directed by Christophe Douchan. Florence Pernel has entertained 4.24 million thriller lovers as a novelist who interferes in a police investigation. The audience share is 22.8% among people aged four years or older (4+), in the audience to watch according to Médiamétrie. Market share reached 8.2% among women in charge of purchasing under the age of fifty.
For its first broadcast, the fiction had won 6.36 million viewers in January 2021, representing 26.5% of the audience.

TF1 wins audiences back with “The Voice Kids”, entertainment hosted by Nikos Aliagas and produced by ITV Studios France. The blind auditions of young talents were followed by 3.74 million followers on the telecrochet until 10:15 pm. Julien Doré, Kendji Girac, Louane and Patrick Fiori tried to attract young singers to their teams in front of 19.8% of the spectators. The market share is 31.4% among women under the age of fifty purchasing managers (FRDA-50). The second part of the show was seen by 3.68 million people (24.6% 4+ / 36.6% FRDA-50).
Last week, “The Voice Kids” recorded the lowest score ever, with just 3.33 million onlookers (19.9% ​​4+ / 25.2% FRDA-50).

Lower abruptly

France 2 is far behind with “Le Big Show”, Jarry’s unlimited broadcast. 1.44 million fans were interested in the surprises invented by the comedian’s teams, who were accompanied for the evening by Chantal Ladesou and Pascal Obispo. The audience share is only 8.1% for the general public and the market share reaches 6.2% for the female commercial target.
Last June, the first issue disappointed, attracting only 1.84 million onlookers, or 11.3% of viewers (9.9% FRDA-50).

On the M6, “Zone Evasion”, presented by Ophélie Meunier, had a difficult start. The 3 families who have committed to building their own motorhomes have inspired 1.10 million travelers. This first episode brings together 6.0% of the general public and 11.2% of women in charge of purchasing under the age of fifty. Last Saturday, Julien Courbet’s “Arnaques” magazine, already published last May, interested only 982,000 consumers (5.5% 4+ / 9.2% FRDA-50).

As for the other channels, France 5 leads the way with the magazine “Echappées belles”, presented by Sophie Jovillard. The guest introduced Rwanda to 867,000 travelers, or 4.6% of people who watch television until 10:30 pm.
A week ago the magazine had 928,000 viewers (5.2% 4+).

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