Audio advertising takes over mobile games

Audio advertising takes over mobile games

Audio advertising takes over mobile games

Audio commercials, similar to radio or podcasts, may increase in smartphone games. French monetization platform Gadsme launches its offering this week.

Listening to a 20- to 30-second commercial for a fast food, new car or insurance company while playing on your smartphone – this surprising advertising format could make a splash in the world of mobile games. After the Israeli Odeeo, which raised $ 9 million in June, and the British AudioMob, worth $ 110 million, it is the turn of the French monetization platform Gadsme to launch its ad offer for this week. audio targeted for games. “It is a nascent but very promising market“, Underlines its CEO Guillaume Monteux.

The company, which specializes in the inclusion of advertising displays in mobile games and which counts Ubisoft among its investors, has joined forces with the Targetspot network, one of the world’s leading players in online audio advertising. This market, which includes radio applications, podcasts and voice assistants, was worth $ 4.9 billion in 2021 according to the IAB. And look forward to the mobile gaming industry, a medium used by 3 billion people around the world and which will bring $ 61 billion in video ad revenue this year.

Mobile games enable traditional advertisers to reach audiences between the ages of 18 and 40 that are difficult to reach via audio media»Continues Guillaume Monteux. TargetSpot opened its mobile gaming division in late 2021.and they have more demand from advertisers than ad space to offer.

Be careful not to annoy the player

Gamers on smartphones are used to video ads that cut their games. With audio commercials, Gadsme hopes to deliver a less intrusive experience, as long as it’s used subtly. It is not about throwing an audio commercial while the player tries to beat a tough enemy … “Our technology allows developers to activate the audio spot in very specific game areas and alert the upstream player. The sound level will be similar to that of the game“Explains the CEO.

And if the player has muted the music in the game or the audio volume is below 30%, the ad will not activate so as not to sell advertisers an impression that will not be heard. Average rates are $ 8-10 for 1000 plays.

Gadsme intends to make a difference with its competitors with its all-in-one monetization solution, which will allow the insertion of both audio spots and 3D advertising displays, such as billboards around a virtual sports field. “We will make it easier for you to access all non-intrusive advertising inventory in the mobile game“, Continues the company launched in 2021 and which has already conquered the publishers Voodoo or Tilting Point. “Since April, our revenue has doubled every month and our inventory has almost doubled.

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