Australia, Jamaica .. These countries that could leave the Crown after the death of Elizabeth II

Australia, Jamaica .. These countries that could leave the Crown after the death of Elizabeth II

Australia, Jamaica .. These countries that could leave the Crown after the death of Elizabeth II

The Queen’s disappearance this Thursday evening could change the rules of the game for several Commonwealth kingdoms. Some may take advantage of her death to question their monarchical status, such as Canada or Belize.

Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Belize, Grenada … Fifteen countries in the world remain constitutional monarchies whose leader is now King Charles III, after more than 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Certainly independent, these nations continue to function on the basis of British parliamentarism. The new agreement could give them a desire for independence when several countries have already become republics such as Fiji, Mauritius or Barbados. takes you around interested countries.

• These countries that should leave

Jamaica it could be one of the first countries to want to distance itself. In 2012, barely becoming Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller announced she wanted to “cut the cord with the British crown”. If this promise did not have a concrete political translation, Prince William’s visit to Kingston last March was an opportunity for Andrew Holness, the current leader, to clarify his position, announcing “that he wanted to go all the way. to his desire for independence.

Australia he might even think about leaving the Commonwealth kingdom. The atmosphere has changed in recent years in the country. After being acclaimed in 1999, during a referendum that confirmed the queen as head of state with 55% of the vote, a poll published in 2020 by You Poll-Daily Telegraph gives a completely different feeling. It indicates that 62% of Australians would be for the republic. Anthony Albanese, a staunch Republican, was elected Prime Minister earlier this year. He suggested that another referendum could be held in the future. Upon hearing of the monarch’s death, he considered it “unlikely that a monarch would be so respected or admired” by Australians.

Belize, who received a visit from Prince Harry and his wife Kate last spring on a tour of the Caribbean, should probably follow in the same direction. A few days after this event, Prime Minister Johnny Briceno announced an important consultation to continue “the decolonization process” and “close the chapter on slavery”. Harry had also apologized on behalf of the British crown for the slave trade he had maintained within his previous domains.

• Those countries that might consider it

In Canada, a country visited 22 times by Elizabeth II in the past 7 decades, the topic appears to be receiving approval. According to an Angus Reid poll, only 26% of Canadians agree that the country will remain a constitutional monarchy for “future generations”. 49% even say that they would prefer the country’s leader to be elected.

But, if the idea is in the air, Justin Trudeau is unlikely to deal with the subject. A few minutes after the queen’s death, the one who had known her since childhood, having known her when her father was himself Prime Minister, declared that “she was one of (hers of hers) her favorite people in the world” , she was moved to tears.

Antigua and Barbuda in the West Indies is also expected to leave. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Gaston Brown indicated that his country could become a republic “at some point”, arguing that such a change “was not yet on the agenda” and that the monarchical status of the the island was “still going to last for a while”.

If Grenada did not officially launch the argument, the country refused to receive visits from Edward, the last son of Elizabeth II, and his wife Sophie last spring, leaving the door open to questioning their maintenance in the kingdom of Commonwealth.

Saint Lucia he might also consider the option as his former Prime Minister has taken a public stance on the matter. His successor did not close the door and postponed the reflection to one of the country’s institutions.

• Those countries that should stay

The New Zeland he should not leave the kingdom of Commonweath. A referendum launched in 2016 proposing to change the national flag and reduce the place of the Union Jack symbol was also a flop. The Bahamasthe Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and NevisShe saidnt-vincent-and-grenadineThey Solomon IslandsAnd tuvalu he should also continue to keep Charles III as monarch.

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