Barça will attack Atlético de Madrid for Antoine Griezmann!

Barça will attack Atlético de Madrid for Antoine Griezmann!

Barça will attack Atlético de Madrid for Antoine Griezmann!

What’s after this announcement

“It’s not just in my hands. I only thank God for being here. The truth is my family is happy. It is clear that I would like to play more but I have to give my all in the minutes I am given.. Here’s what Antoine Griezmann said recently after his liberating goal, after extra time, against FC Porto on the first day of the Champions League group stage. Deploring his current situation, the French international striker (108 appearances, 42 goals) unknowingly finds himself at the center of a merciless war between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

Recall that the former Real Sociedad player is currently playing little so that the Colchoneros do not have to sign the striker definitively at the end of the season, who is on loan with a purchase option of 40 million euros in Barca. The latter will become automatic if Griezmann plays at least 50% of the Rojiblancos matches he participates in during the period of his loan. This means that he has to play an average of 45 minutes per game to meet this criterion. While he played more than 80% of the time during the first season, his ratio has largely diminished since his recovery. Yes, but here, despite this strategy adopted, Atléti will have to pay these famous 40 million euros, at least according to Barça.

Barça’s legal department has found a loophole!

Indeed, as reported Mundo Deportivo, in its edition of the day, the blaugrana, through their legal department, have already summoned the Madrid club to tell them that Griezmann has already satisfied the necessary condition for the payment of 40 million euros: to play more than 50% of the match time of the season in which it was loaned. A claim based on the player’s contract. According to the upper echelons of Barcelona, ​​the details of the lease were as follows: a one-year contract plus a possible extension of an additional season. All this conditioned by the fact that Grizou played well over 50% of the minutes (in the matches that were available). Therefore, in the first year, as interpreted by Barca’s legal services, Griezmann has already largely satisfied this condition.

More simply, the Culé do not understand the strategy of the Colchoneros. For them today it is nonsense to deprive the French of playing time, moreover a few weeks before the 2022 World Cup. It does not matter that the number 8 of Atlético de Madrid enters from the 60th, 65th or 90th minute, for Barça : everything is already settled. The loan was for one year, not two seasons, and Atlético have to pay because the playing time above 50% corresponded only to the first year of transfer. A legal interpretation that the Colchoneros should, no doubt, contest. One thing is certain, Barça is determined to fold the current seventh place in La Liga.

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