Becoming a fashion influencer: the steps to follow

Becoming a fashion influencer: the steps to follow

Becoming a fashion influencer: the steps to follow

If 10 years ago the world of influence was populated by only a handful of content creators, today there are millions of them. This new profession, which is no longer so new, is attracting an ever wider audience. But what are the steps for be successful as a fashion influencer ?

Become a fashion influencer: how to start?

How to find a place in an environment that is already full to burst? On Instagram, Youtube and TikTok, accounts are crowded and vary from one theme to another: beauty, decoration, storage tips, travel, games, fashion … For the latter category, the competition is particularly tough, every content creator is enticing in his own way of imposing his own style.

To start creating content, you have to be daring. Don’t be afraid of the gaze or judgment of others and follow your idea to the end. Today’s biggest influencers, from Lena Mahfouf to Marie Lopez, will tell you their beginnings weren’t always easy.

The button ? Perseverance. If your Instagram posts or Youtube videos do not exceed 100 likes or 1000 views for several years, even if this is frustrating, you must at all costs continue to post regularly. “August Vlogs” by Lena Situations did not take off for several seasons. And today is the summer event that thousands of members are looking forward to.

The other point to note: the material. If a few years ago the quality of the videos or photos posted was not of great importance, today it is fundamental. This obviously represents a certain investment but which can be spread over several years.

In the same logic of providing neat and original content, it is essential to be interested in new platforms or updates that arrive regularly and quickly start using them. For a matter of algorithm first of all, but also to diversify your content.

Becoming an Instagram influencer: the keys to differentiate yourself

On the ground of thefashion influence, you must at all costs learn to differentiate yourself from others. And that doesn’t mean dressing up or borrowing a style that conflicts with yours. If your clothing tastes resemble those of one or more other influencers, mark your uniqueness with an innovative video format or an original photo setting.

Highlight your qualities, the ones that will differentiate you from others. It can be a talent as a photographer with more and more studied shots, it can also be an ease of speaking which might encourage you to make more videos in front of the camera, finally you might also have a talent in DIY and then share your fashion tips and tricks with your community.

Much of the profession of creator or creator of the content lies in the relationship with brands. To keep your subscribers, stay in tune with your favorite themes and don’t accept all kinds of partnerships. In the long run, you need to maintain your network, whether it’s made up of other influencers or a brand’s communication team.

Note that all the most followed fashion influencers today don’t try to look like one another. Each follows their own path and maintains a privileged relationship with their community. The result of long-term loyalty and a caring attitude, probably the most valuable assets to have.

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