Betclic, European heavyweight in sports betting and online games, is recruiting!

Betclic, European heavyweight in sports betting and online games, is recruiting!

Betclic, European heavyweight in sports betting and online games, is recruiting!

Present in France, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Malta, Betclic has become one of the European leaders in sports betting and online games.

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Founded in London in 2006, Betclic chose Bordeaux to relaunch and reunite its offices in Paris and London, and moved to Bassins à Flots.
“I chose Bordeaux where I was part of my studies for its booming digital ecosystem, its dynamism with the emergence of many new companies and where Betclic Group has the possibility of being a box that matters. »Nicolas Béraud, founder of Betclic – La Tribune 2017.

Betclic is the most accessible and relevant sports betting application. It offers a rich gaming experience at the cutting edge of digital standards, even inviting gamers to go beyond the screen to extend their experience on the sports field.
Betclic has implemented many features, tools and processes so that in every moment of the game, its players can be informed about good gaming practices. Players with risky behaviors are identified and accompanied in a personalized way.

“Betclic is a great rich cultural diversity that allows everyone to learn and grow in contact with each other, in order to surpass themselves to succeed together and thrive in an environment where it is good to work” Nicolas Béraud, CEO of Betclic.

We are first of all an application and want to offer a rich gaming experience that is state of the art by standards. We are therefore mainly looking for technical profiles to help us in this mission. Developers, QA, SRE, Data engineer, BI engineer. We are also looking for product profiles: Product Owner and Product Manager.

We receive more than 400 resumes a week! We must therefore be able to very quickly identify the talents that match our needs and share Betclic’s values ​​and culture. The CV must therefore be detailed and clear. We need to be able to know if a candidate can move on to the next stage. Candidates should not hesitate to tailor their CV to the position they are applying for and to highlight their passion or competence for sport and play, it is very important to us.

We were founded by sports fans and offer an additional entertainment experience for sports fans. Loving sport is therefore not only an advantage for us! What we do we do for our players, our customers, it is therefore essential to be able to put the customer at the center of his daily life whatever the function performed in the company. Hence, our rapid growth means that we are looking for candidates who are not afraid of change and who can adapt to market developments. We also appreciate the ability to love challenges, to be a source of proposals and solutions. And finally, as a European group, it is essential to speak English!

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