Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte in “Everybody Loves Jeanne”, the first imaginative film by Céline Devaux

Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte in “Everybody Loves Jeanne”, the first imaginative film by Céline Devaux

Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte in “Everybody Loves Jeanne”, the first imaginative film by Céline Devaux

Céline Devaux, awarded several times for her short films, has signed a first feature film in the form of an unusual story that mixes cinema and animation. This comedy about depression in a world that no longer flows smoothly is served by an irresistible duo Blanche Gardin / Laurent Lafitte.Everyone loves Giovanna comes out on 7 September.

Jeanne (Blanche Gardin) is an idealist. She wants to save the planet and has designed a super facility to recover the waste that pollutes the oceans. But her invention is accidentally dropped and sinks into the abyss. The failure of this project, that of a lifetime, causes a cataclysm in her that leaves her completely despondent. Overwhelmed by negative thoughts, ruined, over-indebted, she finds herself forced to go to Lisbon, the city where she grew up, to sell the apartment of her mother who died a year before her. At the airport she meets Jean (Laurent Lafitte), an old school friend of hers.

In Lisbon, Jeanne is overwhelmed by the memory of her mother’s suicide a year earlier. She wanders like a lost soul, she vegetates in the apartment haunted by her ghost of her instead of packing her bags. Jean, capricious and tender, interferes, a little awkwardly, in Jeanne’s lisbon and melancholy interlude …

Image taken from an animated sequence of the film by Céline Devaux,

Self-evaluation, toxic thoughts, inappropriate judgments, an inner voice, omnipresent, ironic, often funny, harasses poor Jeanne. This voice, a small character in its own right, takes the form of a furry fanatic (between ghost and Cro Magnon) in the animated sequences that punctuate the film. The device works well, in a game of ping-pong between Jeanne’s often contradictory dialogues and thoughts. But when the latter gradually regains the taste for life, this intrusive little voice ends up lowering its tone, until it disappears …

Playing on the antagonisms of the two characters, the Gardin / Lafitte duo sparkles. On the one hand Jeanne, wrapped in her dark thoughts, haunted by her memories, stuck in her principles, a slight rigidity in her character, internalizing her feelings, trying at all costs to keep control. On the other, Jean, a completely uninhibited extravagant character, who expresses without restraint everything that goes through his head, shamelessly telling Jeanne that he too has gone through a serious episode of depression. But there is also what unites them: a certain idealistic vision of the world.

These two characters are underlined by the outfits: for Jeanne, tight dark dresses and dark glasses, for Jean extravagant dresses, too baggy trousers and shirt, multicolored sunglasses … The play of Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte, all moderate, accentuates the comedy of situations

Blanche Gardin inside

The duo is complemented by well-drawn secondary characters, such as handsome Vitor, Jeanne’s former Portuguese lover, embodied Nuno Lopez or even Simon, Jeanne’s affectionate brother, played by an excellent Maxence Tual. Also noteworthy is the remarkable work on sound, with the soundtrack created by Flavien Berger.

A bit like a Rohmer fairytale, Everyone loves Giovanna he deals with profound issues with a light and unusual tone – suicide, bereavement, depression – in an original form. This touching, fantasy-filled comedy will brighten your back at school.

Genre : drama, comedy, animation
Director: Celine Devaux
actors: Blanche Gardin, Laurent Lafitte, Maxence Tual, Nuno Lopez
Village : France
Duration : 1h35
Exit : September 7, 2022
Distributor: Diaphana Cast
Summary: Everyone has always loved Jeanne. She hates herself today. Over-indebted, she has to go to Lisbon and put up for sale the apartment of her mother, who died a year before her. At the airport, she meets Jean, an extravagant and somewhat pushy former high school friend.

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