Canada: ten people killed in knife attacks, two people wanted

Canada: ten people killed in knife attacks, two people wanted

Canada: ten people killed in knife attacks, two people wanted

We still know nothing of the motives of the two killers, but Canada is on high alert this Sunday evening, French time. Ten people died, according to the first report by local authorities, attacked in 13 different places in the province of Saskatchewan, an isolated region in the center-west of the country, in particular in the village of Weldon and James Smith Cree Nation. At least fifteen others are said to be injured.

Authorities have released the identities of the two alleged killers. It would be Damien and Myles Sanderson. “Several other victims were injured, 15 of which have so far been transported to various hospitals,” they added at a press conference. The Saskatchewan health authority said it has activated emergency protocols to address “a large number of critically ill patients”.

Some victims targeted, others “randomly attacked”?

A dangerous person alert was issued Sunday morning to people across the province of Saskatchewan by police, denouncing “more stabbings in multiple locations” in the James Smith Cree Nation Aboriginal community and nearby Weldon village.

“Today’s attacks in Saskatchewan are horrific and heartbreaking. Thinking of those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured, ”Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter.

Police received a first call at 5:40 am local time to report a stab attack, followed by others. Authorities believe that “some of the victims were targeted by suspects and others were attacked by chance”.

The two men may have fled in the direction of Regina, 300 km to the south, according to testimonies collected by the police. But the alert was also extended to the province of Manitoba and Alberta, after the authorities realized that the two suspects had undoubtedly been conveyed.

The hunt takes place as the town of Regina is particularly lively this Sunday, amidst Labor Day celebrations and an American football game. Police reinforcements were deployed there to try to ensure maximum security. The police in particular have set up a checkpoint on the highway leading to the city of Regina and are verifying the identities of all motorists.

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