Cantona denounces “an aberration” and will not watch any matches

Cantona denounces “an aberration” and will not watch any matches

Cantona denounces “an aberration” and will not watch any matches

In a letter broadcast on social networks, Eric Cantona announced his choice not to watch any 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar. The former striker denounces “an aberration” and an event motivated solely “by money”.

“I will not watch a single match of this World Cup”. This is the message sent by Eric Cantona almost two months after the start of the World Cup in Qatar, where France is putting their title back into play. The former Blues striker, “the football lover” gives up “reluctantly” to follow event which is “an aberration”.

“Yes, because Qatar is not a football country! No fervor, no flavor, begins explaining Eric Cantona in a letter relayed from a boycott account. An ecological aberration, with all these air-conditioned stadiums … what madness, what stupidity But above all, above all, a human horror … how many thousands of deaths, to build these stadiums, because in the end what, entertain the grandstand for two months … and nobody cares … caricature of what the man is capable of carrying in himself as extreme filth! “

For Eric Cantona, “the only meaning of this event, we all know, is the dough!” “I know they don’t care and that my little person isn’t going to change the face of the world,” adds the 56-year-old man, who has significantly converted to acting after his career.

“May France win, lose, nothing to square! Instead I will repeat all the episodes of Columbus”

“Telling us we don’t play, saying we don’t broadcast, we don’t advertise etc etc … It’s completely feasible. Sometimes in life you have to make decisions, even if it costs us”. Because for Eric Cantona this choice costs him. “Since I was a child, it has been an event that I love, look forward to and watch with passion,” the former Auxerre, OM and Manchester United player announced in the preamble.

Former teammate of Didier Deschamps, Eric Cantona will therefore not support the Blues of his former playmate. “May France win, lose, nothing to square! In life there are much more important things than football! Instead I will see all the episodes of Colombo, it’s been a long time since I last saw them”, launches “Eric The King “.

For Eric Cantona, this World Cup in Qatar “is a great masquerade”. “And making money for those who close their eyes and hide behind their little fingers saying ‘it’s not our responsibility, we can’t do anything …’ States, federations, broadcasters, advertisers, etc. etc. If you can do it, just make a simple decision” .

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