Car: these 8 bad habits reduce the life of your vehicle!

Car: these 8 bad habits reduce the life of your vehicle!

Car: these 8 bad habits reduce the life of your vehicle!

Do you go to the garage a little too often? It is probably because of some bad habits what do you have. Bad habits that damage the mechanics of your car. We will detail 8 of them through this article.

Ignore the bumps

There are more and more bumps on our roads. Therefore, in order not to damage the bodywork, it is recommended to absorb them correctly. That is to say, less than 30 km / h. These bumps can really cause serious damage especially in the suspension system.

Plus, if your car is low enough, they could even screw up everything underneath. Some drivers tend to do this too accelerate immediately once the obstacle has been eliminated. But what you shouldn’t do

The fact is that in some areas the bumps are connected every 10 m. A survey also revealed that many of these devices they do not meet the standardmore than 10 cm in height.

Drive a few kilometers

Some cars have to travel several kilometers a day. This is especially true with diesels. Since their engine is equipped with a filter cleaning system, they have to travel at least 15 km to activate the device.

If the driver does less, this can eventually lead to clogging of the injector. Which couldn’t be more serious. The fact is that if the injection is not done correctly, the manifold and valves will also suffer.

race results, the car will lack power and consumes more than usual. The engine could also go through it.

Leave your hand on the shift lever

Avoid constantly keeping your hand on the gear lever. The reason ? do it repeatedly damage the gearbox. The lever is in fact connected to a control bar which has the function of operating a fork.

This fork is in contact with the gears. So when it’s constantly under pressure, it ends up rubbing against the rotating neck. It is more or less the same for the clutch pedal. You must not keep it low all the time.

The reason is that the friction on the disc increases and could therefore damage the car.

Roll up the nearly empty tank

If you tend to do it wait until the tank is almost empty before refueling, you must stop. According to specialists, driving when you have almost no fuel can damage the engine.

It is connected to the pump which has the role of circulating the gasoline. This pump must be permanently lubricated. Keep in mind, however, that always driving with a full tank is also a bad thing. This weighs down the car and can over time lead to excessive consumption.

Too frequent use of the brakes

Braking is certainly essential, but braking after each acceleration can overheating discs and pads. Thus reducing their duration by almost 5000 km. It is therefore advisable to brake less often. To do this, you can, for example, favor the engine brake.

Keep too many unnecessary items in the car

To avoid putting too much weight on your car, you need to avoid leaving too many things lying around. Be it water bottles, business, sports or even books. You have to empty lockers as well as the trunk.

Leave only what is strictly necessary. Why, why if your vehicle is overloaded, all the weight will be reflected on the components. You risk damaging the tires, suspension and brake pads.

Driving with under-inflated or over-inflated tires

Your tires must have good pressure. If they are not inflated enough, this can lead to excessive fuel consumption. In addition, they will deteriorate faster.

If you inflate them too much, all the weight of the car will be supported by the tread. What increases the risk of slippage.

Park your car outside too often

Leaving the car exposed to the sun, you riskdamage the paint and plastic internal. It is for this reason that it is necessary to avoid parking it outdoors too often.

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