Carla Bruni: little satin nightgown and maxi neckline, reveals her goddess silhouette!

Carla Bruni: little satin nightgown and maxi neckline, reveals her goddess silhouette!

Carla Bruni: little satin nightgown and maxi neckline, reveals her goddess silhouette!

After accompanying her daughter to school last Thursday, Carla Bruni allowed herself two days in Italy. There she was able to leave her role as mother to resume that of singer and model. So she has could be photographed in Venice in a sublime dress that made more than one head spin. We explain everything to you here.

Carla Bruni, a beautiful woman

Carla Bruni is an older generation singer and model. Still, time seems to have passed without having a physical impact on him. And this was evident last weekend. After his daughter Giulia is making her first return to collegethe beautiful 54 year old Carla Bruni was able to sing and model in Italy. Land where it comes from.

The beautiful Carla Bruni participated last Friday a nice evening donated by Vanity Fair Italia for the Venice Film Festival. This was an opportunity for her to sing some of her songs. For the occasion, the singer had prepared her most beautiful white babydoll. Which perfectly highlights her modeling look. In jewelry, she chose the house Bulgarians offering luxury jewelry.

A beautiful weekend

From Saturday Carla Bruni sets sail a few kilometers further west. So it was on the Tuscan coast, in Viareggio that it was. There she was a guest of the Italian rapper Jovanotti on stage during his summer tour. There, she was able to perform in a threesome with the rapper, but also Gianni Morandi. He chose to do one of his Italian classics Il cilo in una stanza. Enough for win over the audience that has always sung with her. Everyone seemed to know the song by heart.

It was therefore a very strong and very beautiful moment for Carla Bruni. Seeing that everyone in the audience is happy and knows their song by heart is a highlight for a singer. So the singer also described it on her Instagram. You then stated that “Some people are like the sun: warm the world, make it better, more beautiful and softer. Some people are so generous, kind and straightforward that being next to them is like joy, a silent test. Some people are so generous that by being close to them we forget all the greed, all the ferocity of the human species. Thanks for inviting me with you last night, it was very moving myself“.

nice memories

It is therefore a week full of emotions for the beautiful Carla Bruni. After seeing her young daughter go back to college for the first time. She was able to spend a superb time parenthesis in the country of origin. On the program, therefore, beautiful outfits, beautiful jewels and above all beautiful memories with her performance on stage.

It is therefore a return to school that starts well for the singer and model. From now on, she had to return to France to accompany her daughter to college and continue his career in France with these memories of Italy always engraved in the heart.

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