Caroline Garcia beaten in the semifinals of the US Open by Ons Jabeur

Caroline Garcia beaten in the semifinals of the US Open by Ons Jabeur

Caroline Garcia beaten in the semifinals of the US Open by Ons Jabeur

After flying long and very high, Caroline Garcia experienced a brutal comeback on Thursday night. The Frenchwoman played the first Grand Slam semi-final of her career at the age of 28. She returned badly to her meeting her and less in the legs, she was severely beaten by the Tunisian Ons Jabeur, winner in two sets (6-1, 6-3 in 1h06). The Tunisian will play, after Wimbledon, the second final of her Major of her this year. She had lost her first to Elena Rybakina.

Garcia had been circling since the beginning of his fortnight at the US Open. On Thursday, he stammered his tennis from the very first moments of the match. Visibly tense from this first at this level, the Frenchwoman only very rarely managed to release this arm which had been all the rage in previous rounds. Not mistreated by the opposing ball, Jabeur recited her score made up of very long throws, disconcerting backhand slices and aces delivered in the eighth.


The French had never beaten the Tunisian before this match, with four defeats among the juniors and two on the WTA circuit. He recorded a seventh at the US Open and will have to wait until their next fight to try and break that streak.

The mayonnaise immediately becomes indigestible for Garcia, broken in the first game with four unforced errors including a high volley that closes at the bottom of the net. He gave up his serve a second time at 3-1 and then again at 5-1 to offer the first set. Only twenty-three minutes had passed and the Frenchwoman could not count on her usual weapons: the first ones did not harm the Tunisian who read the areas very well, her strokes came out of the racket with less frankness and, on the other hand, even if she was advancing more and more. , he couldn’t find the right rhythm.

Zero break point for Garcia

On her first ace, slammed at the start of the second set, the Frenchwoman tried to break free, throwing a loud cry and clenching her fist. She won her face to face with her but lost the next 1-2. Faced with a Tunisian less skilled in the serve (for her only 35% of the first in this second act), Garcia tried his luck at 1-3. Success at the net since the start of the match, she has climbed three times behind her repercussions. She took the point twice and, on her third try, Jabeur’s shot grazed the net, knocking the ball out of her racket. The number 5 of the world has sent a little kiss to the sky. Even less well, he had fate in her favor.

Garcia had just lost his only chance to get close to his opponent’s serve. But in this match, as in the whole match, she has never managed to get a break point. And if she held her service afterwards, she never caught up and failed to cancel this meeting. The Frenchwoman left New York for this semifinal elimination after experiencing the best course of her career in the Grand Slam and assuming a decidedly offensive game. Jabeur, you can still beat her best score in the major. For this, she needs the title that she will contest against Iga Swiatek or Aryna Sabalenka.


Thanks to the good last few weeks, Garcia will return to the WTA Top 10 on Monday. She will be the tenth in the world.

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