Center Parcs closes for Elizabeth II’s funeral, customer anger

Center Parcs closes for Elizabeth II’s funeral, customer anger

Center Parcs closes for Elizabeth II’s funeral, customer anger

All out. Center Parcs holiday centers in the UK caused a stir when they said they will close one day for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral next Monday. Before finally agreeing to let long stay customers stay on site …

The tour group said in a statement Tuesday that “all UK villages will close for a day on Monday (…) out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and to allow as many employees as possible to attend this historic moment.

Center Parcs has aroused the ire of its customers by telling them that they should leave the resort by 10am on Monday and not return, in case of long stay, until the next day, thus forcing them to find alternative accommodation in the last minute. Travelers who were supposed to start their stay on Monday were also advised to make arrangements to arrive only on Tuesday. “We hope our customers understand this decision to accompany our queen on her final journey,” adds Center Parcs, which promises reductions or refunds to affected customers.

Amid a flood of complaints on Wednesday, the group changed its decision to allow a minority of mid-stay guests to stay in their bungalows and park, even if all services will be closed. according to a goalkeeper, speech flanked by AFP.

“Not everyone is realistic”

Before the breakthrough at Center Parcs, Tracy Groome, 58, was concerned about where her group of 9 would sleep on Monday during a planned stay at the Elveden Forest resort in Suffolk, which was expected to cost more than 2,500 pounds. “I’m sure that’s not what the queen would have wanted,” she told the PA news agency.

Glynis Meloy, 68, is expected to stay in the center of Longleat Forest with six people, a stay that cost £ 1,800, and when questioned by PA asks, “What should we be doing all day? Not everyone is realistic, not everyone wants to see “the funeral” on TV. On Twitter, dozens of internet users went there with their sarcasm. @thebobbyhealy showed a face with terrified eyes from the horror film “Blair Witch Project” with the comment: “Center Parcs customers in the forest Monday night”. “We really lost the ball” in the UK with the Queen’s funeral, his team said @Simon Harris_mbd.

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