Champions League – After Juve – Benfica (1-2): can Massimiliano Allegri really resist the storm?

Champions League – After Juve – Benfica (1-2): can Massimiliano Allegri really resist the storm?

Champions League – After Juve – Benfica (1-2): can Massimiliano Allegri really resist the storm?

This is the first time in the glorious history of Juventus. Never in the past had the Piedmontese club lost their first two Champions League matches. Since Wednesday evening and a setback against Benfica (1-2), now it’s done. Zero point in two matches: the Old Lady is (already) on the edge of the precipice in C1. Massimiliano Allegri is also approaching, who had never suffered two setbacks in the first two days of his coaching career.

His team, capable of playing twenty minutes at a high level at the start of the match, before falling back and extinguishing, was severely contested by the fans present at the Allianz Stadium on Tuesday. Invited to appear under the curve after the final whistle, the Piedmontese players left with their heads bowed, accompanied by the whistles and the invitation to “take your ass”.

Champions League

Zero points after two days: disastrous start for Juve


After eight games in all competitions this season, Juve have only two wins against Sassuolo and Spezia. Of course, he could have counted a third without a VAR error, last Sunday, against Salernitana (2-2). But even so, the budget remains very poor. But beyond the results, “Max” Allegri is criticized for his inability to put a face, an identity and a game to his team since his return to the bench last year. On social media, the hashtags “#AllegriOUT” (second for trend on Twitter in Italy on Wednesday evening) are flourishing, but there were already many of them last season, which ended without trophies, the first in a decade. Juve seem not to know where they are going. It also affects his mental fragility. His lack of fighting spirit too. On Wednesday, after the second goal in Lisbon, Dusan Vlahovic and his teammates looked paralyzed.

I don’t feel in danger

To justify this new fiasco, Massimiliano Allegri recalled the many absences that weigh on his team. If Angel Di Maria is back, Paul Pogba, Wojciech Szczęsny or even Federico Chiesa are still in the infirmary. And when asked about his situation, the Tuscan coach did not hold back. “No, I don’t feel in danger“, he has declared. “It is hard to explain. After being 2-1 down, we also risked taking a third or even a fourth goal. It’s football, these things happen, you just have to shut up and work“, he commented on the microphone of Sky Sport.”I have no criticisms to make to the team, I understand that it is a difficult moment from a psychological point of view“, added the coach. But can he really withstand the storm?

Will Giroud be on the list? “In Italy we would have liked to have him in the national team”

According to the general newspaper The printpatience begins to “expire“.”At this point, his departure can become a serious temptation“, warns the Piedmontese media, always well informed on the events of Juve. It is also remembered that some players themselves no longer seem to understand the management of the one who reached the Champions League final in 2015 and 2017. Shot in the middle of a Discussion with Arkadiusz Milik after the final whistle, Angel Di Maria seemed to confide to him, with a gesture of support, his misunderstanding about his replacement at the end of the game to bring the midfielder Nicolò Fagioli to the field., the former OM striker did not want vent in the mixed zone.What we have said is between us“, He let go.

According to Sky Italia, the Italian coach is not in danger for the moment. But his direction is “worried” And “disappointed“From this start of the season.

Juve taken hostage by his contract?

If Massimiliano Allegri does not seem worried, it is also because he knows he is in a position of strength. The reason ? A concrete contract until 2025, with an estimated salary between 7 and 8 million euros. If they wanted to part with it, the Piedmontese leaders would then have to pull out the checkbook. Not exactly ideal for a club that has become more attentive to its finances.

“Do I feel more on the side of the problem or of the solution? Of the solution, because it is I who have the task of finding it“, he said in a press conference on Tuesday evening. However, a few hours earlier, his CEO Maurizio Arrivabene had made a joke that could say a lot about the situation behind the scenes. Asked by a fan about a possible departure of Allegri between two selfies, the latter, instead of shooting straight and avoiding putting oil on the fire, replied: “And the new coach who arrives, will you pay him?“.

For his part, Leonardo Bonucci, captain of the bianconeri, did not hide his concern. “I’m worried, yes, I won’t hide itadmitted to Prime Video. We leave the game too often … I don’t know for what reason, physical or mental. We have a lot of trouble staying consistent in the game. There is not much to say, we just have to shut up and work. It is not anyone’s fault in particular, nor a player in particular or the coach, it is everyone’s fault. ”

In today’s edition, All Sport, a media close to Juve, asks for interventions. “Now stop! Please do SOMETHING. Juve derails (…) It is not only Allegri’s fault, but also of the players. And it is not certain that his dismissal would be the solution to all the problems. Something just needs to be done“, Writes the editor of the newspaper.

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Di Maria leaves the infirmary, Rabiot enters


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