Cherbourg.  Wargame fans compete in a game inspired by the Lord of the Rings

Cherbourg. Wargame fans compete in a game inspired by the Lord of the Rings

Cherbourg.  Wargame fans compete in a game inspired by the Lord of the Rings

Douglas, front left, is passionate about wargames and the Lord of the Rings.
Douglas (front, left) is a fan of wargames and the Lord of the Rings. (© Titouan LECHEVALLIER)

This Friday, September 2 the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video, the series The rings of powerseries taken from the saga of Lord of the Rings. “I went to bed at 5am to watch everything,” says Douglas, a fan of the universe of Tolkienand practicing war game.

The wargame is war game which is played with a card, called a board, which represents the pieces of the game characters, And a scenario which explains what players can and cannot do during the game. The scenario may or may not be real, the game still needs to remain realistic during the parts where everything is based on military tactics. Each player has to figure out the best way to win by advancing his checkers.

Realization of decorations

The association of this discipline, Les Lutins du Cotentin, organized a tournament focused on Lord of the Rings the very evening of the release of the series. “It is a coincidence that falls very well”, testifies Douglas, present in the Sala Fraterna a Cherbourg (Sleeve).

“It is easier for beginners to understand the game when they get to know the characters of the saga which is very well known. “


In the same style, practitioners of the discipline were at a saga-focused tournament Star Wars last week.

For this dedicated session, three newcomers have taken the plunge, and come to test this still little known practice. A activities which is however in full expansion France, but also in Cotentin where the association undertakes to advertise its particularities. Douglas hears this clearly infatuation around his practice.

“For some years we have seen a great growth of the association. “


In France, tournaments they are organized every weekendand locally the Elves of Cotentin organize “internal tournaments from time to time” in their association.

And as discipline requires a lot of material, such as figurines, trays or decorations, the association has a wardrobe, but also a box to store all its creations. “Between 2021 and 2022 alone, we produced 300 different decors,” says Douglas.

Video: currently on Actu

Several hours of gameplay

In total, ten practitioners were spread across five gaming tables on Friday evening. These were in the colors of the saga of Lord of the Rings, like the characters. Around 20:00: it was the start of the tournament! Enthusiasts cast lots for the initial war scenario for their game, before embarking on long hours of gameplay.

The contestants are all enthusiastic, and it’s better because “we finish around one in the morning because we play three or four games of about 1.5 hours each,” Douglas points out. To last this long, the participants had brought something to eat quickly, while continuing to work out their warfare tactics with great care.

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