City-stadium, playground, church, Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton is sailing on an exceptional local dynamic

City-stadium, playground, church, Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton is sailing on an exceptional local dynamic

City-stadium, playground, church, Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton is sailing on an exceptional local dynamic

Work on the church was inaugurated on Saturday afternoon
Work on the church was inaugurated on Saturday afternoon © Le Réveil Normand

A city-stadium, a playground, the renovation of the church … these structures in Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton (Orne) testify to the desire of a municipal team to guarantee the well-being of its inhabitants and the preservation of its heritage .

Heritage protection

For several years, in fact, elected officials have been thinking about the project of creating a multisports field for young people.

In 2020 this project took shape and the Qualicité company, which was selected, began to work and, from the summer of 2021, young people were able to take full possession of this equipment on the site of the playground on the banks of the river. kl’Iton, where games for the little ones and fitness equipment for adults have been installed.

Trees have been planted, tables and benches have been installed so that this space on the edge of the Iton becomes a place for play and relaxation. This development represents a cost of € 140,734.

The State has granted a DETR contribution (equipment for rural areas), for an amount of 29,691 euros and the Department Council has assigned a contribution of 13,010 euros. “Thanks to the State and the Departmental Council for the help,” he stressed Mayor Joel Brunet.

Another construction site required the full attention of the city council as the scope and cost of the works were important with the preservation of the church weakened by time.

For a few years the bells had stopped ringing on the fly, the time-worn bell tower showed signs of weakness in its wooden structure.

Joël Brunet, mayor of Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton

A diagnosis of the church was made by the Atelier Saint-Benoît with a final verdict, “we had to provide for a temporary shoring of the bell tower or to close the church to the public. Then another problem appeared with the vault paneling which began to disintegrate. The church had to remain closed for a few months during the works. The municipal council decided to start the restoration work on the bell tower and the entire vault of the choir and the nave, for an amount of 285,353 euros. Grants have been awarded. € 20,639 from DETR for the vault and € 30,554 from DSIL (contribution to support local investments) and for the bell tower, € 80,585 from DETR and € 50,022 from DSIL ”.

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The city council wanted to carry out the essential works to adapt the electrical, lighting, heating and painting standards. The total cost of the work on the church amounts to 346,199 euros.

In addition to the grants awarded, the city council decided to take out a loan of 250,000 euros. To celebrate this important church renovation program, a Mass was celebrated at the end of the day Monsignor Bruno Feillet, Bishop of Seez.

“These results testify to the exemplary mobilization of a municipality and its elected officials to preserve and rehabilitate the heritage and develop and modernize the supply of sports and leisure facilities. I would like to underline the local dynamics guided by the municipal forces that I know are mobilized tirelessly, to better respond to the needs and expectations of the population. This magnificent city-stadium was co-financed by the Department, for an amount of 13,000 euros. Yes, Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton is an example with its elected representatives who know how to take each other by the hand, engage in investments that are both relevant and coherent “, he stressed. Christophe de Balorre, President of the Department of Orne.

Nathalie Goulet wanted to pay homage “to a builder mayor, a valiant example of the dynamism of an active municipal team”.

For Véronique Louwagie, “a city that testifies to its dynamism, enhancing its heritage, satisfying the expectations of athletes and citizens with this city-stadium and a city center that lives thanks to the maintenance of local trade”.

* Véronique Louwagie, deputy, Nathalie Goulet and Vincent Segouin, senators, Philippe Van-Hoorne, departmental councilor, Christophe de Balorre, president of the departmental council, Christine Royer, sub-prefect of Argentan and Monsignor Bruno Feillet, bishop of Seez.

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