Clashes in Nice – Cologne – Violence, outdated police forces, Supras Auteuil: Chaos in question

Clashes in Nice – Cologne – Violence, outdated police forces, Supras Auteuil: Chaos in question

Clashes in Nice – Cologne – Violence, outdated police forces, Supras Auteuil: Chaos in question

What happened ?

This Thursday, Allianz Rivera was the scene of incredible and dramatic incidents on the sidelines of the Europa League match between Nice and Cologne. In the afternoon, German supporters vandalized the Aiglons shop located in the city center and marked the tram stops. But it was an hour before the start of the meeting, scheduled for 6:45 pm, that the situation degenerated. Several hundred hooded fans in the colors of the Cologne club, of the more than 8,000 present in the grandstand of the ray, invaded the presidential grandstand, or Ségurane grandstand, to go and fight with the Nice fans, seated in the southern people’s grandstand.

According to the prefecture, questioned by the AFP, “it was the Germans who chargedThe confrontation between the fans armed with chairs or torn iron bars in the stadium was incredibly violent. After about ten minutes of fighting, then the intervention of the police, calm has just returned to the stands. In the face of these incidents, the stadium gates were temporarily closed.

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Bella, an evening to forget


After an announcement in German asking the Cologne fans to calm down, the captain of Nice, the Brazilian Dante, took the microphone to speak in front of the Nice fans: “We all know you had nothing to do with this“, Launched Dante. “I’m counting on you and the organization to be able to play this game. I’m counting on you and your supportPostponed at 19:40, the kick-off was finally given and the match went smoothly, with the two teams separating in a draw (1-1).

Violent incidents broke out on Thursday at the Allianz Riviera between Nice and Cologne fans

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What is the provisional budget?

Is heavy. The prefecture of the Maritime Alps announces a toll of 32 injured including two police officers and a commissioner, four are hospitalized. One supporter was also lightly hit by a knife. A man from the stands of FC Cologne was hospitalized in “absolute emergency” after falling more than 5 meters between two levels of the stands. His life prognosis is no longer committed. The prefecture told our AFP colleagues that he is in fact a Parisian supporter “very alcoholic“.

Violent incidents broke out on Thursday at the Allianz Riviera between Nice and Cologne fans

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Why were PSG supporters among the forwards?

Spotted by the Nice crowd before the match, the Parisian fans joined the ranks of FC Cologne supporters. At the start of the match, PSG’s “Supras Auteuil” supporters club pulled out a banner in the stand assigned to the Germans. This group has been disbanded for twelve years now, but since 2003 they have had friendly relations with Wilde’s Horde, the historic group of FC Cologne. So in 2016, on the occasion of the German Cup match between Cologne and Hoffenheim, a banner with the colors of PSG “25 years of Ultra Mentality” was deployed. A message to the Parisian group, which, although dissolved, was then celebrating its 25th anniversary.

How did we come to this?

The testimonies collected by RMC Sport show the police overwhelmed by the events. For the police officers present on the spot and questioned by our colleagues, the bomb “was not substantial enough” for a match considered to be at risk.

Have the French public authorities underestimated the threat looming over this meeting? How could the Cologne supporters join the Southern Brigade without the police preventing them? These are some of the questions that will need to be answered in the coming days to establish the responsibilities of a very sad evening.

Why did the game still go on?

Faced with the pre-match nightmare, Jean-Pierre Rivère wanted to postpone the match to a later date, but UEFA used its full weight to maintain the match. The European federation has been waiting for the approval of the public authorities to win the case. Why did the meeting stay in such a powder keg? First of all because calm returned immediately after the intervention of the police. But it was Lucien Favre who gave the main motivation after the meeting: “We weren’t sure we were going to play, but I think we had to play this game. I was in favor of the game. We were happy to play that game for the simple reason that there is no possible date after“, revealed the Aiglons coach. The imminence of the World Cup, planted in the middle of a season, makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to postpone the match. There is no date available before kick-off. World Cup of November.

What were the reactions?

Sport Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra complained that “our sport is dirty“after the violent clashes that took place before the kick-off of the meeting”.He’s fed up, he’s really fed up that our sport is dirty like this, that we can no longer tell each other that we are going with our boys in a peaceful and reassuring way to a stadium“, said the minister during an event with sponsors organized by Sorsora.

My stomach is in a knot because it starts again, Nice-Cologne, with unprecedented violence, shocking images on social media“, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra also said.”We really need to find solutions together to overcome this, to ensure that this violence that is increasingly penetrating our society stops at least at the doors of our stadiums.“, estimated the minister. At the end of the evening, the Minister of Sport specified that a point would be made with the Ministry of the Interior to determine the responsibilities.

For its part, OGC Nice strongly condemned the incidents that occurred within its walls. “The management of OGC Nice intends to shed all the light on the conditions that have made possible this succession of events that damage the spirit of popular celebration that football must convey, so that the necessary measures are taken to monitor its next European matches.“Said the club.

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Europa League conference

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