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Chenso Club – Launch Trailer09/10/2022

Fun but fun, that’s all

It was rumored that aliens were invading the planet. In the utmost discretion, the secret agents wake Blue from her sleep. They put her directly to her work by explaining to her through rather humorous little comics that her mission is to exterminate her little beings from space.

The story is pretty raw but well staged, which is appreciable and makes you want to see the rest of the events. For this it will be necessary to concatenate the different parts, because yes, as we said above, Chenso Club is a rogue. It’s not that punishing or difficult in hindsight, but we got stuck wanting to start over and continue. This is where the recipe is very average for a game of its kind.

A rogue-like that works is a game that makes you want to start over, over and over, until the end of the night if need be. Repetition shouldn’t be a drag as it is an integral part of the mechanics. The industry has provided us with excellent examples that we will not cite here.

Restart ? I do not really know…

So how does the Chenso Club work? The game is divided into five worlds which in turn are divided into several stages. In the beginning, you choose the character you play. Only blue is available then the others when you finish a world. It is therefore possible to redo the worlds in the desired order, as long as you overcome them for the first time.

The run can be done in any order you like with the character you like, but you’ll need to unlock all of this before you get there. The title is inspired by the 8-bit era with horizontal levels and even qualifies as a platformer. While the various videos are reminiscent of a certain licensed blue kid starting with Mega and ending with Man, it ultimately doesn’t. If you’re hoping to find the fast-paced side of shooting and run through a progression of devious platforms, you can forget it. The Chenso Club has nothing to do.

The progression is a succession of rooms in which you have to beat all the enemies. So yes, that’s the way it is for many games in the genre, but the action is very monotonous for it. We hit the crowd with different techniques using two buttons. Enemies lack responsiveness, dodge nothing, and happily let themselves be hit. We are a long way from the golden age of 8-bit platformers. The product description is practically misleading.

In the end, it’s more of a beat’em all with a vertical dimension where blood flows freely but it’s also borderline too annoying besides the fact that it’s very easy to regain life points. The only real challenge lies in the boss fights where you have to study the patterns well. But there is a huge imbalance between them and the rest of the game where most of the time you just have to press a button without thinking with a bewildering simplicity. Good to know that despite the presence of different difficulty levels, the enemies only have to receive additional hits. The sandbag just has more blood to spray.

Disappointing and boring

Aside from that, however, there are things that might have been interesting. There are different characters, but the feelings at play remain the same. It is monotonous, monochromatic, mono something. This is what makes the racing sequence difficult. Let’s die then … let’s change the game or go to another activity.

You can also play two of them locally only. But aside from kicking sacks of alien meat, the experience is basically the same. A second character joins the fray like in an old beat’em all but does nothing. The game gets easier.

Yet it is filled with absurd humor that charges today’s society, which is ultra-focused on social networks. Your popularity unlocks permanent updates. It’s funny enough in the sense that the world is threatened by an alien invasion and Earthlings have nothing better to do than occupy the networks!

Humor is the only thing that makes the experience fun. Graphically, it’s cute and deeply old-fashioned. The character animations are fun to watch. Which is bad when you see that the gameplay is pretty empty at the end.

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