Croatian airline EFT Airways will serve Martinique with “Fly-Li”

Croatian airline EFT Airways will serve Martinique with “Fly-Li”

Croatian airline EFT Airways will serve Martinique with “Fly-Li”

A new air transport operator “ETF Airways” arrives in Martinique before the end of 2022. The announcement was made on Wednesday 7 September 2022 by Croatian airline EFT Airways. The structure to be built in Martinique will bear the name of Fly-West Indies. Local investors support the project led by Samuel Vivarès, with over 10 years of experience as regional director of Corsair in the West Indies.

The health situation linked to covid-19 has undermined air transport in overseas France. A new initiative was announced on Wednesday 7 September 2022 via a press release. The airline “ETF Airways” becomes a new player in air transport in Martinique and Reunion.

The information transmitted by the TourMag website (specialized in tourism) and on the Facebook account of “ETF Airways.

In its press release, the new company announces the creation of a company in Martinique under the name of Fly-West indies. Flight plans are unknown, but the goal is to serve the Caribbean.

ETF Airways is proud to announce its active participation in two projects with the aim of establishing a permanent presence of our brand in the French overseas territories and, over time, adding more jobs for their residents and creating great value for the local community. Two sister companies have been created, Fly-Li which will be based in La Réunion (RUN) and Fly-Wi in Martinique (FDF). Each airline is expected to initially operate one B737-800 each and the first flights are expected to take off in the fourth quarter of the 22nd quarter. We are already in talks to expand the fleet of our two sister airlines and the possibility of adding two more B737-800s at the end of 2023 is under discussion.

Official statement of ETF Airways Fly-Wi and Fly-L

press release of 7 September 2022

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Services guaranteed by the end of 2022

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The new facility in Martinique will be led by Samuel Vivarès. Replaced by Eddy Luce at the helm of Corsair in February 2022, Corsair’s former Caribbean and America regional director is developing another project.

This time he finds himself in an airline specializing in charter flights and ACMI (charter crewed flights). It is based at the Dubrovnik airport, Croatia.

In collaboration with local investors, we have chosen Samuel Vivarès, with over 10 years of experience as Regional Director of Corsair in the Antilles, to represent the two companies together with the CEO of ETF Airways, Stjepan Bedić. ETF Airways intends to operate scheduled flights in the Caribbean but will continue to offer its ACMI and charter experience worldwide.

Official statement of ETF Airways Fly-Wi and Fly-L

Press release of 7 September 2022

Air transport in the Caribbean is currently operated by Air Antilles Express, Air Caraibe, the Liat in reduced service, InterCaribbean, Caribbéan Airlines Limited, Sky High operates flights in the region and connects Martinique to neighboring islands.

EFT Airways will begin operations in the coming months and destinations will be announced shortly. There also remains the positioning to be guaranteed on the Guadeloupe-Martinique-Guyana monopoly line of the national airline Air-France.

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