Dan Houser is back in the video game industry

Dan Houser is back in the video game industry

Dan Houser is back in the video game industry

On March 11, 2020, after 23 years at the helm of Rockstar Games, the company he founded with his brother Sam, as well as Gary Foreman, Jamie King and Terry Donovan, Dan Houser left his position as vice president. If to date we still have no information on this departure, everything seems to indicate that the conflicts and disagreements with Take Two are responsible for Dan’s resignation.

Two years later, fans are still waiting for an announcement of Dan’s return to the video game industry. Last year, a first hope came to tickle the fans. In July 2021, the co-founder of rock star games he founded the companyAssurd Ventures In Games LTD“. The company was founded under registration number 62011 which corresponds to the branch” Development of interactive leisure and entertainment software ready for use. “Dan Houser would of course hold the position of producer and creative director.

Today we learn that Dan Houser has officially joined a new studio: Revolving Games. The latter holds the role of advisory advisor in the company. The bad news is that Revolving Games studio just raised $ 13.2 million to develop triple-A games with the blockchain.

In total, the company has raised over $ 25 million since its creation in 2020. Heading the studio are the three brothers Saad, Ammar and Shayan Zaeem. Obviously, Saad Zaeem met Dan Houser a few years ago and they started exploring different ideas together. Subsequently, Dan became a consultant and investor in the company.

Revolving Games co-CEO Saad Zaeem said, “Dan is an industry legend. […] Our vision is clear: to create AAA quality games that turn heads among the best launches on major gaming forums like Gamescom and E3. “Revolving Games’ ambitions are high, the company intends to develop fully scalable and fully scalable gaming experiences. decentralized for globally recognized franchises and their own original intellectual properties. To date, Revolving Games has two studios and a team of over 100 employees working on blockchain games in North America, Europe and Asia.

After Leslie Benzies with EverywhereDan Houser is therefore the second former Rockstar Games member to take an interest in projects using blockchain.


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