Death of Elizabeth II: what did the Queen of England die of?

Death of Elizabeth II: what did the Queen of England die of?

Death of Elizabeth II: what did the Queen of England die of?

the essential
Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday at the age of 96. The reasons for her death have not been officially disclosed by the royal family. Several geriatricians and specialists give their opinions.

It was at an excellent age, 96, that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday 8 September. She died “quietly”, according to the royal family’s press release, at the summer residence she loved at Balmoral in Scotland. The cause of her death was not disclosed by her Majesty’s doctors. They had only said they were “worried” about her health, a few hours before her death. The hypotheses are however possible.

Could she have died due to her age? First idea received: you never die because of your age. There is always a cause for this death. “They say you die of old age, but I’ve never actually seen anyone die of old age,” Dr. Christophe Trivalle, geriatrician at the Paul-Brousse hospital in the Paris region, explains to the website. Hello doctors. “There is always a factor that leads to death.”

Could she die of grief a year after the death of her husband, Prince Philip? “It is a precipitating factor. The departure of the spouse creates a form of loneliness,” explains Dr. Christophe Trivalle. “Psychological games on organs. Stress induced by the loss of a loved one affects the heart or arteries.”

blackened hands

In the Queen’s latest official shot, along with the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss earlier this week, one detail struck many: the Queen’s blackened hands. How long had they been in this state? Impossible to say why the ruler often wears gloves in public.

A blood circulation disorder?

According to Australian physician Deb Cohen-Jones, interviewed by the Daily mail, the queen may have been suffering from peripheral vascular disease, also known as “lower limb arterial disease” (PAD). It is a blood circulation disorder, caused by fatty deposits, which lead to a narrowing of the artery walls. Symptoms include fatigue, leg pain or discomfort when walking. Elizabeth II has struggled with a cane in recent months.

Again, these are hypotheses. Only the Queen’s personal doctors know with certainty the reasons for her death. Before a final tribute from her people, the queen will join her husband Philip next Monday after her funeral. Lenito and for eternity.

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