delusions, psychological disturbances … his alarming state of health

delusions, psychological disturbances … his alarming state of health

delusions, psychological disturbances … his alarming state of health

Linda de Suza would therefore not be in her best form, to say the least. In fact, the media reports the singer is currently in critical condition. At the height of his 74 years, it would be normal for him to encounter some health problems. But apparently it is much more serious.

The one that met with success in 1978 with her first single Portuguese, for many months he had not given any news. And that may already have chipped in the ear of his fans. But it’s worse than we could have imagined since we recently learned it Linda de Suza is treated in a medical facility.

Our colleagues from the magazine Sunday in France they are formal, Linda de Suza is at her worst. Objeko brings you the outline of this terrible news.

Linda de Suza hospitalized in critical condition

In the latest news, Linda de Suza was supposed to release an album. Postcards from Portugal was supposed to be released in 2020. But the event was canceled by the artist’s production company. At issue, it was the singer’s health that had been mentioned.

But in the trial, Linda de Suza had denied this justification. Without explaining why the album was not released or giving a new release date. Then, due to the pandemic, the news about Linda de Suza’s album was put aside.

Previously, he made headlines again by filing a complaint for identity theft. It was then 2010 and Linda de Suza accused the man who shared her life of making sure to put her on the straw.

He then explained that since 1979, his first successes, seven bank accounts had been opened in his name and without his consent. He said it was ruined and he hoped that justice was on his side. But the rest was not known to the press.

alarming news

Finally, it was finally a few days ago that we received serious news from Linda de Suza. It is therefore in the columns of Sunday in France that we could learn it the singer’s health has seriously deteriorated. In fact, she would have been hospitalized “for several weeks”indicate our colleagues.

They also indicate that the singer is in pain severe psychological disorders. “Starting from his world, it evoked a struggle between the forces of good and evil, the doctors worried about why he would stop eating. The chances of his remission would be diminished. “they add.

Indeed, such details will not allow fans to doubt the severity of Linda de Suza’s condition. It is also clearly a question of a advanced state of paranoia. It is difficult to know if the singer will come out and if we will be able to hear her quickly. What is certain is that her fans are in shock …

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