DIRECT.  Death of Elizabeth II: silence at the passage of the king’s coffin, en route to Edinburgh

DIRECT. Death of Elizabeth II: silence at the passage of the king’s coffin, en route to Edinburgh

DIRECT.  Death of Elizabeth II: silence at the passage of the king’s coffin, en route to Edinburgh


Proclamation in Edinburgh and Cardiff

The proclamation of the new king was read to the Scottish people from Edinburgh’s Mercat Cross.

In Cardiff, the capital of Wales, some 2,000 people crammed into the castle grounds to watch the proclamation read.


King Charles III proclaimed in Northern Ireland

The proclamation of the new king was read in Northern Ireland during a ceremony held at the official royal residence, Hillsborough Castle in County Down.


The procession passes through Aberdeen

Still in silence, the coffin passed Scotland’s third largest city and continued on to Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.


Homage to the farmers of Aberdeenshire

On the way of the procession, the peasants set up their tractors at the edge of the road.


Scottish Prime Minister in Edinburgh

Nicholas Sturgeon awaits Elizabeth II’s coffin in Edinburgh.

Oli Scarff / AFP


Crowds gather at Windsor Castle

If the procession is in Scotland, the British continue their tributes by going in particular to Windsor Castle in London. The coffin is expected on Tuesday in the capital.



Xi Jinping congratulates Charles III

In a message, Chinese President Xi Jinping assures the new king of his desire to “increase friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation and strengthen communication on international issues,” according to the New China news agency.


Silence reigns as the sovereign’s coffin passes

If applause is heard, it is above all the silence that reigns as the procession passes, according to several observers.


The convoy expected in Aberdeen

More than an hour after leaving Balmoral, Elizabeth II’s remains are expected in Aberdeen, Scotland’s third largest city and a major oil industry center, famous for its gray granite buildings.


Charles was officially appointed king of Australia and New Zealand

King Charles III was officially named monarch of Australia and New Zealand on Sunday, during ceremonies held in both countries to celebrate his accession to the throne. In Canberra, Governor General David Hurley proclaimed that “Prince Charles Philip Arthur George is King Charles III, by the grace of God, King of Australia”.

In a similar ceremony in Wellington, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern greeted Charles, saying that “she has long had a fondness for New Zealand and has consistently shown her deep interest in our nation.”


Which path for the procession?

The funeral procession will pass through the villages of Dinnet, Aboyne, Kincardine O’Neil, Banchory, Drumoak, Peterculter and Cults.


Meditation of the British

As the coffin passes through Ballater, faces lower, some tears flow according to reporters on the spot.

REUTERS / Hannah McKay


Next step, Baller

The coffin, covered by the royal flag, is visible through the windows of the hearse, which is now awaited in Ballater.


The Queen’s coffin leaves Balmoral for Edinburgh

The procession has just started on a long six hour road trip, which will pass through Ballater, the village very close to the castle, then Aberdeen and Dundee before reaching Edinburgh.


The gates of Balmoral open

The ruler’s coffin is about to leave the castle.


The crowd gathers as the coffin passes



Liz Truss will accompany Charles III on his royal tour of Britain

In the coming days, King Charles III is expected to begin a tour of the other three British nations: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. According to Sky News, quoting a government spokesperson, he will be accompanied by Prime Minister Liz Truss.


“Embodies the continuity of the state and the identity of the nation”

Frédéric Mitterand praises on Europe 1 “the continuity of the state and the identity of the nation” that Elizabeth represented, “was the soul of the British nation”. Mourning is “collective” but “individual for many people”, she assures.


“A gesture of appeasement that Prince William sent to his brother”

Crowned heads specialist Stéphane Bern, a guest of BFMTV, traces the arrival of Prince William and his brother Harry, as well as their wives in front of Windsor Castle.

“They came together, they left together. It is a truly unexpected image that delights the British population. I think the queen must be very proud, she who particularly loved her grandchildren ”, analyzes Stéphane Bern, while the two brothers had been away for months.


Late night tests

Rehearsals took place all night in Edinburgh, with members of the army preparing for the arrival of the hearse carrying the queen’s coffin to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


“Queen Elizabeth II was what she showed”

Carla Bruni, the former first lady who met the queen in 2008, remembers this very special moment for the JDD. “What struck me first, meeting her Majesty of her the Queen, was the extreme simplicity with which she presented herself. You are facing the queen and she looks surprisingly approachable. To the exceptional character of the meeting you oppose a kindness, a benevolence and a humanity that bring out all its strength. From such a high place, she makes you feel like you are level with her. (..) She was what she showed ”, says Carla Bruni.


Flowers cover the gates of Balmoral Castle

LP / Arnaud Dumontier


What will become of the queen’s famous corgi?

Muick and Sandy had been offered to Elizabeth II after the king’s death. Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice will take control of the dogs, along with Candy, the queen’s last surviving dorgi.

The latter has owned at least 30 corgis in her life, with ten generations of puppies descended from Susan, the corgis given away at the age of 18 by her father, the late King George VI.

He is also credited with inventing the “dorgi” in 1971, when his corgi, Tiny, crossed paths with his sister Princess Margaret’s dachshund, Pipkin.


In Edinburgh, Scotland wants to cry out its love for the queen

The Scottish capital prepares to welcome the late queen with great fanfare this Sunday. For the Scots, her death in her home in Balmoral is a sign of fate that symbolizes the love Elizabeth II had for their country. As for Jessica, 16. “Usually it all happens in London, but we have an incredible opportunity to pay our respects to our queen, to thank her. She is the only sovereign I have known, I even remember her Diamond Jubilee when I was six. I am very sad that you are no longer here, but I am happy and proud that Edinburgh can say the goodbye you deserve. And even if the school is not canceled, we will be back on Monday! Hello Mom? “. Read more testimonials.


The last voyage of Elizabeth II

The coffin of Elizabeth II, who died Thursday in her Scottish residence in Balmoral, will be transported today through Scotland to reach Edinburgh, where the public will be able to pay a first tribute to the monarch. The program :

  1. After being taken to the hearse by six Balmoral Estate gamekeepers, the procession will continue to the nearby village of Ballater, where it will arrive at around 10:12 local time and where Aberdeenshire County officials will pay their respects.
  2. The remains of Elizabeth II will then be transported to Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland and an important center of the oil industry, famous for its gray granite buildings.
  3. Elizabeth II’s body will then be transported to Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland and an important center of the oil industry, famous for its gray granite buildings.
  4. After a six-hour journey, the Queen’s coffin is expected to arrive at the Palace of Holyroodhouse at 4pm. This palace located in Edinburgh is the official residence of the monarch in Scotland.

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