Disappearance of Nathalie Prince: her relatives move heaven and earth to find her

Disappearance of Nathalie Prince: her relatives move heaven and earth to find her

Disappearance of Nathalie Prince: her relatives move heaven and earth to find her

Heartbreaking messages. Words that take the bowels. The Facebook page created by the relatives of Nathalie Prince, who passed away on October 4, 2021, shows regular messages.

Her daughter Loren and her two brothers, Axel and Dylan, the mother of the one who disappeared one morning, are still moving heaven and earth to find her.

His relatives don’t believe in suicide

“We are born, we live, we die. It is the cycle of life. Disappearance is an impossible bereavement. It is asking questions at all times, questions that only you can answer, it is reassuring yourself by telling yourself that you are surely hot somewhere to continue being strong and don’t sink, reports one of the messages. People have left because they may be convinced that sadness is contagious but it is so painful. Painful to hear that people can sit at your table when all is well and disappear when bad luck hits a family.

Leaving her purse full of her belongings, cards, wallet, credit card, keys and a letter that is not a farewell letter, on her bed, Nathalie Prince, a blonde with blue eyes in her fifties, disappeared without a trace. , without any witnesses.

He closed the door of the house without locking it. As if she were going to the mailbox to get the mail or to a neighbor to pick up some nonsense. Leaving behind only a dense mystery.

Submit a kidnapping report

His relatives don’t believe in suicide. “We spent Sunday together talking over coffee. She printed out a ticket to get a refund for a piece of clothing and was confirming a visit to the doctor for Wednesday. It’s not the attitude of someone who wants to end it. She was strong and full. of composure. He loved his children and we all got along very well. We were a very close family “, Loren says.

“Even the cops are not inclined to commit suicide because they usually find the body quickly. They checked seven o’clock but the leads found nothing. She went to work on Monday morning and then came home because there was a storm warning. But, at the end of the day, when my younger brother came home, she was gone. We never saw her again. “

Loren and her grandmother then decide to participate in the show started today On France 2 last March after having multiplied the actions (citizen beats, posters, white march, Facebook).

But still nothing. Loren and those close to her are relentlessly posting messages: “Words are difficult because everything is painful”.

The investigation is still open and specialists are investing and continuing the investigation. They followed all the tracks, probed the lake in his neighborhood, Bellevue, carried out searches, exploited bank and telephone records, interviewed many people from the more or less distant entourage, working on all the contacts that Nathalie Prince could have in recent years , friendly or in love. The judicial police officers closed the tracks one by one to get closer to the truth, but the neighbors saw nothing.

Loren and her family, on the advice of the ARPD (Assistance and Search for Missing Persons) association and their lawyer, wish to file a kidnapping report. “We want it not to fall into oblivion, that the police remain mobilized and do not give up.”

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