Disney takes on the kings of Magic and Pokémon trading cards

Disney takes on the kings of Magic and Pokémon trading cards

Disney takes on the kings of Magic and Pokémon trading cards

In 2023, two giants are rushing into the trading card game market, currently dominated by three titles. Disney and Ravensburger will be out lorcanawhose first cards were presented.

The trading card game market has been dominated by the same three titles for years. Magic (1993), Pokemon (1996) and, to a lesser extent, Yu-Gi-Oh (1999) leave little room for competition and record chain sales year after year. But a new game, supported by two giants, could very well upset the order established next year …

Announced August 30, 2022, lorcana is the result of a partnership between the king of entertainment Disney and Ravensburger, the giant of board games and puzzles. They had already teamed up through the excellent evil. The information distilled on the new game was lighthearted to say the least, with the official site simply showing a countdown.

The first maps of Lorcana are superb

But the latter ended this weekend, on the occasion of D23 Expo, the biannual convention of the official Disney fan club. The first cards were unveiled there on September 9th. And the least we can say is that they are magnificent.

Lorcana cards. // Source: Disney, Ravensburger; Numerama background

Be careful though, these cards are exclusive to this convention. In front of the rhombus, Disney reassured everyone, confirming that they will also be included in the first edition of the game, but without the glossy paint and without the small D23 logo. Without too many surprises, we can already find them on sales sites at far too speculative prices for a game that will arrive only in a year.

Mickey Mouse in Lorcana
Baby mouse. // Source: Disney and Ravensburger

If we don’t know anything yet game of the game, some information was however disclosed. Starting from the release date: Autumn 2023, with “The First Chapter”, name of the first edition. Several extensions are already planned. The partnership concerns only the Disney animation studio, the other licenses (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars) therefore do not concern … for the moment. The game will not a priori be as competitive as it is Magicand is designed to be accessible by as many people as possible, rather like Pokemontherefore.

The first seven cards revealed, Mickey Mouse (The Brave Little Tailor), Stitch (Lilo and Stitch), Elsa (The Snow Queen), Cruella from Hell (101 Dalmatians), Maleficent in her dragon form (La Belle au bois dormiente ), Robin Hood and Captain Hook (Peter Pan), however, provide some indications.

Thus we distinguish what appears to be a cost to play the card (top left), an offensive and defensive value (middle right), heroes and villains, a lot of skills, the ability to play multiple versions of the same character ( on Stitch map), etc.

In short, many speculations, little information. But count on us to closely follow the announcements around lorcanabecause we must admit that we are quite eager to try the game and see what this new collaboration between Disney and Ravensburger can give, which attacks the pre square of Magic And Pokemon!

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