“Don’t touch me brother!”  “, What Kimpembe said to the referee of PSG-Brest

“Don’t touch me brother!” “, What Kimpembe said to the referee of PSG-Brest

“Don’t touch me brother!”  “, What Kimpembe said to the referee of PSG-Brest

The public address of referees is gradually coming to the world of football. This weekend, Mr Jérémie Pignard, referee of the PSG-Brest match, was equipped with a microphone to reveal his exchanges with the players during the match. On Saturday afternoon, at the Parc des Princes, the discussions between Monsieur Pignard and Presnel Kimpembe, on air in the program Sunday night football on Prime Video, they particularly attracted attention.

At first, we see the Parisian captain heading towards the referee upon returning to the locker room. He wants to get an explanation on the cancellation of the red card, initially addressed to Brest defender Christophe Hérelle. Thrown deep by Messi, Neymar was illegally mowed down by the former Nice, in the position of last defender, and was logically excluded by Monsieur Pignard. However, the Brazilian striker was in an offside position when he was called. The referee then decided to cancel the penalty against the former Troyan.

“Why get excited? “

A decision Presnel Kimpembe hasn’t really tasted. “Even if there is offside, does that mean you can cut him out and there will be nothing? “Asks the defender, raising a real question. Should Christophe Hérelle have been left out regardless of Neymar’s stance on the action? “For me it was annihilation (second hand), in the position of last defender. For me it was enough “, the referee replied, considering that Hérelle’s intervention was not dangerous enough to keep the red card.” If it had been a gross foul, I would have kept the red one, “he added, promising to watch the movie again.

After this polite exchange, much more limited observations will come from the Parisian defender. At the end of the match, Kimpembe is on the verge of dismissal due to an uncontrolled confrontation with Irvin Cardona. When tempers began to heat up between the defender and brestois Jean-Kévin Duverne, Mr. Pignard stepped in to separate the two men. “Wesh, don’t touch me brother!” Why are you touching me? “, Then he throws Kimpembe by violently pushing the referee’s arm back. “Why get excited? »Replies Jérémie Pignard, with Olympic calm.

On this contrast, the Parisian captain has not received any card but has contracted an injury and should miss several weeks of competition. The club is expected to announce on Monday but it is already reported that Kimpembe will not participate in the next meeting with France, scheduled for Monday 19 September.

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