“ECB rate hike, so what?  The news from the Grenier.  »Editorial by Carlo SANNAT

“ECB rate hike, so what? The news from the Grenier. »Editorial by Carlo SANNAT

“ECB rate hike, so what?  The news from the Grenier.  »Editorial by Carlo SANNAT

My darling impertinent, dear impertinent,

This week I suggest you think about the ECB’s rate hike. Of course, the general context is increasing everywhere in the world, in the United Kingdom as in the United States, in a context of increasingly high inflation, inflation that is not “temporary” but rather lasting and which seems to stabilize a little more every month. .

So this rate hike is enough, what impact, what economic effects?

This is what we will try to see in this video and also sketch some predictions of what is expected to happen in the coming months.

At last you will have understood for the fans of the adventures of Asterix, the reference and the hint to Obélix and company, and let’s face it … “The sesterzio is worth nothing”, except that we are talking about the Euro!

It is in Obélix et Compagnie that the young Néarque de César, an episode that I invite you to read or reread because it is a brilliant lesson in menhir economics. Everything is there, and it ends with a huge monetary crisis with the devaluation of the currency and a totally ruined Caesar but owner of thousands of menhirs!

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourself!


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