EELV MEP David Cormand accuses “a bunch of people who let themselves be bribed”

EELV MEP David Cormand accuses “a bunch of people who let themselves be bribed”

EELV MEP David Cormand accuses “a bunch of people who let themselves be bribed”

EELV MEP David Cormand on Monday denounced FIFA’s assignment of the FIFA World Cup to Qatar, accusing it, as well as the French Federation (FFF), of being “a bunch of people who let themselves be bribed”.

“I know I won’t look” the World Cup in Qatar which will begin in November, the former national secretary of Europa Ecology The Greens explained to the Public Senate, without formally asking for a boycott.

“It disgusts me: going to see people play football, party and underneath there are 6,500 corpses … Do we realize what 6,500 dead are to build air-conditioned stadiums?”he was indignant.

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This figure, put forward by the British newspaper The Guardian, is denied by Qatar and some international organizations. Officially, there were three deaths in the eight World Cup stadiums.

A report from the International Labor Organization (ILO) also concluded that 50 workers died in work-related accidents in Qatar in 2020 and another 500 were seriously injured. However, the ILO notes shortcomings in the investigation and registration system for deaths.

“We need to reform Fifa and the French Football Association, which are still a lot of people who have allowed themselves to be bribed in this affair”accused David Cormand.

“It’s a shame. The values ​​of sport, it’s not that. None of this has more to do with football.he complained.

Despite having initiated labor market reforms, the Qatari authorities continue to be regularly criticized by NGOs for treating hundreds of thousands of workers, particularly Asians, in major construction sites linked to the 2022 World Cup.

During the ratification by Parliament in early August of a partnership between Paris and Doha on the safety of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, several opposition parliamentarians had denounced the “Ecological scandal” of this World Cup, with air-conditioned stadiums or the “Scandalous treatment of workers” immigrants, “Almost slaves”.

The French National Finance Prosecutor also opened a judicial investigation for “active and passive corruption” in 2019 into the emirate’s designation process to organize the competition on 2 December 2010.

At the center of the suspicions: a meeting organized at the Elysée on November 23, 2010, which was attended by President Nicolas Sarkozy but also Tamim ben Hamad al-Thani – then Crown Prince of Qatar who became emir in 2013 – and Michel Platini, vice president of Fifa and president of UEFA when the 2022 World Cup is awarded.

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