Electric car drivers would be much more involved in accidents

Electric car drivers would be much more involved in accidents

Electric car drivers would be much more involved in accidents

10:23 PM, September 4, 2022

Is driving an electric vehicle more dangerous than a conventional car? There is no evidence to confirm this, but a study by insurer Axa sheds light on the drivers of these much newer vehicles, reports Le Figaro
. According to the insurer, who conducted a study in Switzerland with 1200 people, “Electric motorists cause 50% more collisions, causing damage to their vehicle, than owners of traditional combustion models”.

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And one element in particular is involved in this greater number of accidents: acceleration. Accidents happen more often “at the moment, not of speed reduction, but of acceleration”, observes Axa in his study. The insurer reminds that, unlike thermal cars, where acceleration is gradual, in electric vehicles it is more abrupt. This is “overtaking” or an involuntary rapid acceleration. “Most electric cars, especially the powerful models, offer very high torque. Just touch the accelerator to realize it. This can cause involuntary, jerky and uncontrollable acceleration., specifies the Axa study in Switzerland. Many riders would therefore have had to rethink their way of driving and adapt, the first few times.

Little risk of fire

Questioned during this study, the head of Axa’s accident and prevention research department, Michael Pfäffli, recalls that the battery “it has an impact on the power, therefore on the handling of the vehicles, but also on their weight and their construction”. It is for this reason that a heavy car causes, on average, 10% more material damage than a light vehicle. “The older the vehicles, and therefore the more lacking safety systems, the greater the likelihood of personal injury”, adds the specialist. And the risk is even greater on a vehicle over the age of ten.

Finally, this report highlights a weak point of electric cars: the sills, characterized as a ” Achilles heel “. Therefore, if the battery is damaged in this precise location, it could catch fire. However, according to Axa, electric cars are in no way more at risk of catching fire than thermal ones, because the battery automatically disconnects. “more cables and high voltage components in a few milliseconds”. According to official statistics, only 5 out of 10,000 cars catch fire. For comparison, marten damage is 28 times more common than car fires! Be careful all the same, because when the cars go up in flames, “Given the thermal runaway phenomenon, the situation becomes critical”. However, in most cases, the fear of an electric shock during a rescue operation is unfounded.

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