Elizabeth II and fashion: a queen of style

Elizabeth II and fashion: a queen of style

Elizabeth II and fashion: a queen of style

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Far from being a fashion victim, Elizabeth II had a wardrobe that changed little over time, but still attracted attention. Her clothes often carried messages, which also helped to build the image of a sovereign who, in her own way, managed the rules of style.

When the UK was torn apart by Brexit, the British press was expecting only one thing: the Queen’s opinion. But the role of the sovereign did not allow her to intervene in politics, even though she was at the same time head of state, armies and the Anglican Church.

However, when Elizabeth II appeared in front of Parliament in 2017, during a speech on leaving the European Union, wearing a blue coat over a yellow and blue skirt, with a matching hat, it was impossible not to see an implied message there, as embodied a true European flag. A clear image in front of the gray robes of the parliamentarians and the red robes of the Lords.

In 2020 Elizabeth II wore a green dress when she turned to the British to talk about the Covid-19 pandemic. As a sign of hope for her subjects. And in 2011, during the first visit to Ireland since the creation of the Republic, the queen had also landed in Dublin in green, but this time her color referred in particular to the Catholic national liberation movement of the Emerald Isle. Just a symbol.

An almost unchangeable rhythm

During her reign, Elizabeth II knew how to play with her image. If until the 70s she dared to change her style of clothing, in her time the sovereign adopted an almost immutable look, especially during her official appearances. In recent years, suits or dresses with relatively discreet cuts have been a must. The only detail, her skirts were always weighed down by small invisible weights, just to avoid any accident caused by an indiscreet gust of wind.

On the other hand, his looks were often very colorful. It could even be said that it was her trademark. Canary yellow, dazzling green, electric blue, bright pink, coral … The queen was fearless and for a reason: from her clothes often united, but very flashy, was visible from afar. In a crowd, he was easily spotted, which was a boon to his subjects, photographers and especially his security guards.

The same bag since 1968

In addition to outfits, the Queen of England also had her own craze for accessories. She brooches on almost every dress, including the most precious cut of the largest rough diamond ever found, the Cullinan. On the head, sometimes extravagant hats and, of course, the crown on special occasions.

Another peculiarity: the queen has been wearing the same bag since 1968! A model designed by the London brand Launer, which has become the official supplier of leather goods to the British royal family. Elizabeth II would have had 200 copies, of all colors, made to measure and adapted to her size. And unlike the bag created by Dior especially for Lady Diana during the princess’s visit to Paris in 1995, and which can be purchased by anyone who can afford it, the Queen’s bag model could only be worn by the sovereign.

In addition to keeping her mints, according to those around her, this small bag also served to protect the queen from the “hardships” characters. The British press, who love these details, likes to say that, during a reception, if the queen passed her bag from her left arm to her right arm, her team realized that her interlocutor was irritating her and found a way to stop the conversation.

Scarf and down jacket

But apart from the occasions of representation, the queen could very well pass for a grandmother who goes shopping in a wealthy neighborhood. In the countryside she adopted a rather relaxed style, including cardigans and down jackets or trench coats on sunny days, often with the scarf knotted on her head at the slightest exit. Furthermore, an accessory that in recent seasons has been adopted by trendy young people, girls or boys, as proof of her indirect and obviously involuntary influence.

Mocked or imitated, the ruler has never been far from fashion. Like when in 2019 he announced that he had banned fur from his wardrobe, following a fundamental trend of an entire sector. Or during his “surprise” appearance in 2018, at the London fashion show of the young English designer Richard Quinn, a rising star who has just been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, in a true exercise of soft power for British fashion.

Sitting in the front row, Of courseshared the flashes with the other queen, that of the catwalks, Anna Wintour, the powerful boss of the magazine rowing American. Nobody remembers the collection. On the other hand, everyone obviously noticed Elizabeth II, in front of a crowd of fashionistas dressed in black or bright colors, while the sovereign wore a very discreet plain gray suit. Once again a contrast strategy worthy of those who master the codes of fashion to get noticed.

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